Friday, November 25, 2005

happy thanksgiving

for those of you who don't know this about me, i am the biggest klutz of all time. i have been known to fall down at wal-mart, in front of my kids school, run into walls, etc...etc...etc. on wed. the kids had parties..........lets just say i am not mother of the year, that would be much shorter than the story that i really was going to tell. having said that, i was in a total rush to get out of the house to redeem myself at said parties and i slipped in the kitchen and cracked my head on the corner of the wall and hurt my arm and many other body parts but i didn't feel any of that till later in the day. i was totally consumed with the excrutiating pain in my head and the (literal, like in a cartoon) star i was seeing. i scooped myself up off of the floor picked up tatum and ran out of the house off to the school to try to show the kids teachers that i'm really not THAT bad of a mom. while i was in jennas class taking pics. of all of the kids i started to feel my whole right side begin to tingle and my eye went fuzzy and eventually black. one of the moms saw me change colors and caught me before i hit the floor. she took such great care of me and got tristan lunch and.........she is just so rad. thank you joy. it turns out that the reason that was happening was because my jugular vein was being constricted by things that were out of place from the fall and it wasn't allowing proper blood flow to my brain. NICE.

this brings me to thanksgiving day. feeling less than great and like i'd been hit by a truck, i volunteered to make ALL of the meal aaand invited my dad aaaaaaand i invited a family from our ward (who by the way are so awsome and i can't wait to hang with them again.) so the pressure was on and i wasn't altogether myself.

i didn't get one single picture of anything that went on yesterday. no pic. of the food, the people, the fun, nothing and ofcourse while i didn't think of it yesterday, today i'm sick about it.

so now that i've complained let me just say that i feel much better today and dispite the way i was feeling yesterday and all of the work i truly did have a great time.

i want to share with you the things that i'm thankfull for.

jeff, who is a financial support for me and my children. who is a loving husband and father. he is always happy to watch the kids for me so that i can have time to myself.

tristan, who is so handsome and and getting so big. he tells me that he loves me all the time and is so sensitive to my feelings.

jenna, who is so much fun that everyone wants to be around her. she is very loving me and her siblings.

tatum, who is my haven when the others are not obeying and talking back. she smells so sweet and love when she says "we did it."

all of my family who supports and loves me, and my friends who make it clear to me that i am loved. thank you.

i hope you all had a great holiday. it is now acceptable to put up christmas decorations. ;)


Shelly Hanson said...

...And I'm thankful for my Sister Shelly who puts up with all my crap and whining...JK I love you Stacy!!! As long as there's no brain damage and you don't start uncontrolably drooling on your kids you'll be ok. :)Big Kiss

christine said...

what is this thing about falling? was that on wednesday? oh my... that is crazy. i am so sorry. glad you had a good thanksgiving. sometimes i don't get pics either cuz it is such a lazy holiday sometimes. glad you are feeling better. are you still having head pain? did you split your head open and need stitches?

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you hurt yourself! Scary, glad you are ok.
Glad you had a good thanksgiving. I always forget to take pictures.
I LOVE your blog... it always makes me laugh.

Anonymous said...


I am thankful for the best wife in the world who's best quality by far is her integrity. So happy belated thanksgiving (because i'm not a local to blogging) and know that I am most greatful for you... and our kids aren't bad either!

Love ya toots!

P.S. is awesome

Anonymous said...

oooohhhh Stacy!!! Ouch, I am sooo sorry you hurt yourself. I am glad you had a really nice Mom at the school to help you out. I am glad you are feeling better now. Poor thing!

Anonymous said...

Oh hope you are ok-hate unnecessary embarrassing mments-I have them a lot!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNES stacy!!!
i am so sorry! i forgot you had a blog. did you need stitches or anything????