Saturday, November 26, 2005

just us girls

just us girls!!!!! it has been so much fun this weekend. yesterday jenna and i went to see chicken little (very cute) while tatum had her nap and my neighbor deanna checked in on her. jenna and i never get to spend one on one time together and i have guilty feelings about that. the time alone was much needed for the both of us. i could totally see a change in her spirit. she really does need her mommy. :)

we went to old navy and spent 79ish dollars and got 6 shirts and two pair of bermuda shorts for jenn, 6 shirts for T and two shirts, a skirt, and a dress for tates. (shirts all long sleeved) what a bargain huh? jenna has a million articles of clothing and nothing fits her. she has officially moved from a 4/5 to a 6/7 and a size 13 shoe. poor thing, she is wearing the exact same size everything as her 6 year old bro. she'll be tall like her mommy, lucky girl.

the house was quiet today. jenna played next door and tatum took a nice long nap and while i didn't get much done. it was sure nice to not have anyone needing something from me for those few precious hours. oh and by the way jeff and tristan went to st. george for two days thats why it's just us.

it was great to be with these beautiful girls, girls that i grew in my body, something that only a mother could understand. i had a lot of time to look at their mannerisms, their bodies and how much they've grown, listen to their sweet voices and watch them interact. for a moment i actually looked at myself a little different than i usually do. my strech marks weren't so ugly and it didn't feel so bad to be fat. my body was beautiful for just a moment as i remembered that those beautiful girls are a major contributor to the way i look today. i love my girls. i feel sad to think of them as big but feel happiness for the day that they feel the way (about their children) i do today. it was just so great. it was a happy day.


Anonymous said...

To my SW,

Those stretch marks and sagging boobs and all those awesome things I love about you are stuff that we wrecked together! I seriously dig those things about you and that you are such a trooper about the battle scars you have.

I love that you loved your time with the girls and glad that Tatum didn't splatter dung about the house while we were gone... If your not gonna talk about poop on this thing than I will!

Your an awesome mom and SW (Sagging Wife) I couldn't love ya more


P.S. Seriously missed you a ton.

christine said...

what a wonderful few days it sounds like. i think you are beautiful too. all those deals at old navy sound exciting and make me want to go there. glad you had time with just jenna. i had that with brenna last wednesday and although we were in the bathroom at barnes and noble for some time, we had fun. we both said we missed jake though. jake wears the same size as his big sis too. think he will outgrow her too. (which is a concern of hers)
so cute. we missed you on thanksgiving day, knowing we could have spent it with you were it not for the british! lol

Shelly Hanson said...

Youth fades; Love droops; the leaves of friendship fall: A Mother's secret love outlives them all.

~Oliver Wendell Holmes

Anonymous said...

I am glad you had that special time with your cute little girls. Especially Jenna, she probably felt like such a big girl. It's nice to step back for a moment and really take a good look at life and what's really important huh. Love you and miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a fun "girls" weekend. Good for you. It is true our bodies go through a lot to make these sweet kids we have. We have to give it thanks!

Anonymous said...

Totally cracking up here after reading BH's (not becky higgins) comments! What a sweet man he is.
Dan always says that stretch marks are the sign of a 'real woman'. It's so true. You are such a beautiful person Stacy, with such a warm and caring heart. True beauty lies within.
What special moments spent with your girls-they will last forever.
Jenna must have been on cloud nine-not to mention going to DL with her moma :)

Trailady said...

What a nice little adventure for you girls! I really dig Old Navy too. I try to send my son off with his Dad & have "girl time" with my 3 daughters. Time is passing so quickly... I really like your blog.
Blessings to you! :o)

Anonymous said...

Sad that I won't have that girl time-your children ARE so worth the body. You should love yourself-you're awesome!

Anonymous said...

stace you are rad. :)

fat is fun! repeat after me! lol