Sunday, January 29, 2006

splish splash i WAS takin a bath

and it was so much fun that i thought i should do it again WITH MY PJ'S ON. look at me i'm having so much fun.

woops i totally just got caught. hi daddy, mommy didn't wash me good enough so here i am. am i clean yet? how do i look? :)

ok ok i'm done. can you get me a towel?

somehow the third child is much cuter doing this. maybe i'm just more relaxed. yep thats it i'm WAY more relaxed. stinker!!!

*edited* if you choose to enlarge these pics on your screen please, PLEASE, PLEASE don't judge me by the way my bath tub looks, just love me anyway. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mom, get off me! If I wanna take bath after bath then I'm gonna.

P.S. I just get back in with my PJ's on because I know your gonna get your camera instead of spanking me. Here's to getting away with Murder!


christine said...

so cute. love the dora pj's. she growed up some more since i saw her last.

Anonymous said...

This is soooooo cute!! Embrace these moments, they last such a short time. Tatum is the cuttest lil girl-love her big ole blue eyes!

Trailady said...

That is hilarious!! My little boy used to sit on the potty without taking his pull-ups down. He couldn't understand why he made a poopie, but there was nothing in the potty. Toddlers and their clothes- or lack of are so entertaining!! LOL

Shelly Hanson said...

I think I just need to finish raising her. She loves me more anyway. ;)

Anonymous said...

would never judge you! Soo cute! It is much cuter the second or third time around!

Anonymous said...

I never clean the bathtub!!! :)
Thank goodness for Olivia. But, as for your beautiful girl, she is a cutie and so smart too, bathing with clothes... pretty original!