Saturday, May 13, 2006

happy mothers day

this is me and one of my favorite mothers of all time, not MY mother but my sister who i love with all my heart. i love you! you too mom! and i love you all of my sweet friends. keep up the good work. it's hard but don't we love it?....sick and twisted is what i always say about motherhood. how could it be hard but we still love it? oh, and having children is like being pecked to death by chickens that's another one that i say. :)

i love you kids i could have never been a mother without you.



christine said...

cute! love the pic. happy mother's day to you. love ya

Anonymous said...

Darling picture!

Happy Mother's Day to you too...actualy, I hope you had a nice day Ü

Love you Stacy!

Shelly Hanson said...'re one of the best mothers I know! Love you too sis.

Anonymous said...

I am pecked at all day long!!! Cute picture!

Anonymous said...

happy late mom's day. You are so beautiful. Being a mother is HARD work but it pays off!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated mother's day...
You are beautiful person Stace, and being the Mom you are is a huge part of that. Love you!