Tuesday, August 01, 2006

you may or may not want to see this

but here it goes.

here we are just before surgery. we were both a tad nervous but we had no idea how nervous we should have been.

here is jeffs best friend the ANESTHESIOLOGIST. those guys are my best friend too, i just love the way they make me feel during delivery. :) this isn't about me though.

here he is in I.C.U. just after surgery he was pretty out of it for quite a while.

here we are at home. isn't that pretty? i know not everyone likes to see these things but here it is, the war wounds, looking pretty good.

for those of you who don't know jeff had gastric bypass surgery last wed. and things didn't go as planned. to much to go into but let me just say they had to do two surgeries, one lapriscopic and the other one open. the recovery hasn't been pleasant so far but he is doing SO MUCH BETTER.

last tuesday he was 392 lbs. and yesterday he was 367 lbs. not to shabby huh? the food thing isn't great for him right now. he can barely finish an ounce of food at one time. (he is supposed to have 1/4 of a cup at a time) his stomach is the size of his thumb due to the complications but it will stretch and he will be able eat more soon.

things are looking up and he's feeling a little better every day, which makes us all feel better. we'll keep you updated on the weight loss and his recovery.


the gutted one! said...

Hey ladies, don't be mad cause my boob's are bigger than yours.... 100% all natural!

christine said...

wowzers! can't believe the incision. hope you are feeling all better soon. i wish i could lose that much weight in a week! we are so happy you are ok jeff. and glad you survived to stace!

christine said...

p.s. my dad has that on his stomach too and he calls it his roadmap.

Erin D. said...

Hey now, I think mine just might be slightly bigger (wink)...you funny man you Ü
It was great talking to you yesterday Jeff, you sound wonderful and remember it only gets better now! Journaling this process is super and amazing at the same time, thank you for sharing your experiences with us.
Stacey, you are still an incredible woman, and wonderful wifey..hang in there love and make sure you take care of yourself too!
Love you both <3

Shelly said...

I paid good cash for mine! The'd better be bigger than yours!

I'm so happy that you're doing well Jeff. It was good to talk to you Tuesday We love you and want you around for a long time.

Love, Shelly

Sharla said...

Is it me or does the anesthsiologist look like William Hung from that angle? :)
Jeff, so glad you are ok! Speedy recovery to you. Stace, keep up the good work! You both are so strong for going through this together.

Sheridan said...

I am glad that things are getting better! Jeff rest up and you owe your wife a trip to Hawaii or something wonderful! Stacy you are one great woman!

Moth Hair said...

Jeff, did you wear your glasses through the whole thing? Didn't want to miss any of it hu?

Moth Hair said...

Jeff, did you wear your glasses through the whole thing? Didn't want to miss any of it hu?