Thursday, December 14, 2006

here is the upstairs........

remember this is bare bones. i have a lot of decorating to do but that will happen over time. this is what we've got for now. click on the pictures if you want to see them bigger.

here is the kids bathroom.
look what i found at walmart! i love these little flip flops.
i know totally boring but it does the job until we get some stuff on the walls. we each have a computer and i get to have a ton of craft space........if i choose to use it. :)
where jeff is sitting is actually my space.

this is the laundry room.......i don't want to hear it, i know it's hidious but let me just say it is way better than the other people had it, TRUST ME.
this is the loft. the next few pictures might look familiar to some of you. it is basicaly the same set up as our apartment was. we love this room! this is where the kids watch tv and make their messes. the down stairs is to be presentable incase someone just happens to stop by. :) so come on by.
that's our back house that you see out that window.......hahahaha I WISH!

this is t's room. we still have quite a bit more to do in this room. i have his comforter all cut out, now i just need to get out of lazy mode and get it sewn together. his fan was a gift from his grandma, it's surf boards. cute huh?

this is a desk from ikea. i ofcourse had to put my little touches on it. i did a little mod ppodge and scrapbook paper on top.
my favorite part is that it folds down to save space.
wow! this room was not quite what i had in mind. PINK! it screams pepto. the girls love it though. the best thing is that it's just paint and that's easy to change.

there are no pics of my room and that is because it is nowhere near cute at this point but soon i will get that taken care of. this will just have to do.

if you haven't seen the downstairs then scroll down to the next few posts.


Anonymous said... guys painted ALOT!

So fun to see the kids rooms, and see that they have so much ROOM. Your loft is so cozy-love the big window...and the office is rad, look at all that room to create! Are you totally LOVING your laundry room UPSTAIRS...I love mine! The color is uhm...bright Ü
Cute wall desk in the girls room-and I love the green desk in Tristans room! So fun.

Erin D.

tara said...

oh man! so fun to get a glimpse of your new place stacy!!!!!!!! its so perfect! i am so jealous of your office shared with jeff. i would love that. then jeff and i could be in the same room while we both do our thing. that would be fun.

hmmm, fingers tapping on chin........

the kids rooms look AWESOME i LOVE the surf theme!
OH MY GOSH. i might have some pottery barn stuff to give to you. all beach theme. where did i put that stuff? robyn gave it to me (jons wife) her sister moved to AZ and thought it was weird to have beach themed room in AZ so she gave it to me. i kept a few pieces. i dont remember what i did with teh rest! im such a goober. maybe i left them at my moms house.....a couple wooden signs and a coat rack. super cute stuff.

Unknown said...

I love it! Last time I tried to look at these, I couldn't bring your blog up, so here I am finally! It looks so spacious, and SO you! I like the yellow, and the pink too! But you know me, I am crazy when it comes to paint colors. Can't wiat to see it in person!

Shelly Hanson said...

I love it all! Even the pink! The fold down table is so cute and I agree, the beach theme is just fine in AZ. Heck, Keith has beach stuff here in Utah! The closest thing we have to salt water is The Great Salt Lake.

P.S. Be looking for the kids school pics, i'll send them in the morning.

Love you sis,

sheridanskids said...

I hadn't seen these yet! Where have I been! Your house is SOOO cute and I love your little decorating touches!

Anonymous said...

your house is looking super good