Wednesday, December 13, 2006

here's a little taste

this is a very important place for us THE BACK YARD , grass and a trampoline that i'll.......well you know what a trampoline looks like. this is our living room. it's cozy and we love it. it's hard to tell what this place is going to look like with pictures but i can't wait. i know there are pics on that wall but that's one of the only walls with anything on it it.

this is our family room. i didn't know how i was going to feel about our couch cause i picked the fabric from a tiny swatch but WE LOVE IT. it's brown corduroy.

this is just above our back sliding door. i like it cause it is so true.
this is a very lack luster picture of my kitchen and i will post another one when i get a better one. this is on thanksgiving day. jeffs cousin and my parents were there it was just 6 days after we moved in. it looks pretty great for just 6 days. huh?
this is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. the buffet.

i'll post more soon i hope and some of other rooms in the house. we still have the whole upstairs to see. :)


Anonymous said...

Stacy, everything looks so homie with you chiristmas tree and dercorations. You've done a great job with it. Be safe on your trip to Cal. Wish you were coming to utah instead.

Love to you all XOXOX.

Anonymous said...

I just peeked at all the pics...I have to admit, I love the buffet too! And I super love the house! Wow, so much room...I am so so happy for you guys Ü

Erin D.

Anonymous said...

The picture over the that of a temple? I can barely see it, but it looks rad..nice big black frame! do tell ;)


Anonymous said...

that's a picture of the newport beach temple....i will explain later.