Monday, January 15, 2007

just a few little tid bits

first and most exciting my kids switched schools today. it was their THIRD first day of school this year. not quite what we had planned but circumstances were such that this was the best thing for our kids.
don't they look great in their uniforms? the actually love them! i was surprised, i really thought that they would fight me a bit on that.

they're happy and they love their new school and i couldn't be more extatic. :)

tristan has a bit of a gangster stance going on there.

today i had my cousins granddaughter over all day. we had SO much fun!
you see these two haven't always been the nicest to eachother but i think madasin is getting used to having tatum here in arizona (on her turf) and she is actually loving having someone her size in her life. tatum loved having her here today. we can't wait to have her back.
i love these little faces, cookie crumbs and all. i did their hair the same today and they just thought it was so much fun.
and last but not is jeff for those of you who have been wondering. he hasn't really lost a bunch of weight since i last posted about him but he is down to one chin hahahhaha! seriously sometimes i crack myself up. :) he does have a jaw line and he's happy about that. doesn't he look great? i think he's got about 60ish lbs. to go. yeah jeff!
have a great day! :) :) :)


Moth Hair said...

You kids look so sharp in you school cloths!

You will do so well in your new school and be very happy.

Love and miss you sooo much

Anonymous said...

Aww...its like a little Jeff & cute! I'm so glad that they like the uniforms, wish ALL schools would adapt.

Look at those two cute little scrunchy faces...the hair is darling, they are so sweet.

Jeff, man you rock! You look really great, I'm so happy that you look HAPPY Ü Thanks for the update.
Love you guys

tara said...

wait wait wait
how do we not know about this school changing thing. so the kindergarten nazi's werent working out???????????????????????

tell us more!

and COOL pic of jeff. good job man.

and cute girls.

Shelly said...

All of it! So cute. The kids in their uniforms, Tate and Madasin are beautiful and Jeff looks HOT! I don't know if I can control myself! That chin is so sexy!

MaryLou said...

Wow. Jeff looks good. Such cute kids.

sharla said...

I love school uniforms! Wish we had them...Your kids look great in them. Yeah, how did we all miss that the whole changing schools thing?
How fun for tatum to have a little buddy, and one that is related too!
Jeff, you look mahhhveloussss!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for the kind words. If you think I'm good lookin now, I haven't had Stacy upload the picture of me in a frilly-laced leopard thong on backwards have I? If there are any interested parties let me know. You always have to save the best for last!


christine said...

ok so tristan does look like a gangsta in the second pic. but a handsome one. i love that jenna has the dress on in the pic. jeff looks great, but i am ok with NOTseeing the leopard thong!

Shelly said...


Anonymous said...

i thought that would be a comment killer!


Amie said...

I think the kids look like a GAP ad! That is the first thing I thought of when I looked at your blog! Seriously! Sooo CUTE!!!

Ben Hammeen said...

Holy Fat to Holy Crap

Sheridan said...

Jeff is looking great! Your kids are beautiful! Which school are they in now? Glad they like uniforms... I like them too. The little girls are so cute together!

Sheridan said...

Jeff is looking great! Your kids are beautiful! Which school are they in now? Glad they like uniforms... I like them too. The little girls are so cute together!

Erin Larsen said...

I am so glad you got your kids into Brenna's school...yeah!!! I know Christine has loved it. We have Kyle in a charter school this year and LOVE it. We hope to get all of our kids in it next year. Ours goes up to 8th grade. The kids looks so cute in their uniforms. Megan wishes she could wear a uniform too. Jeff you look awesome man!! Great Job!!!
Love you guys and miss you all tons

uncle splat said...

whatever, jeff fixed the picture on his computer