Tuesday, February 27, 2007

so we went to hawaii.....

to shoot a wedding in waikiki and that place is beautiful.

it was pro bowl weekend so all of the hotels were pretty booked and the prices on the rooms were 300.00 + a night...YIKES! so we found a place called the laie inn that was only 89.00 a night so we totally thought we scored. we realized that it wasn't going to be a place of luxury but it would be fine for us since we would be out a lot anyway and just needed a place to sleep.
we got there and checked in and drove over to our "room" and this is what we found.

isn't it lovely? but wait it gets better!
this is the wall in the entrance of our room... OH SO INVITING

here is the lovely entertainment center that they so graciously provided. notice the lovely peeling paint/wallpaper behind it.

this was hysterical. (i hope you are clicking on all of these to make them larger for the full effect)

these towels looked like this when we walked in, WHEN WE WALKED IN they looked like this you guys. you couldn't at least hang them straight? hahahahaha! oh and there were old matches on the bathroom floor. it's called a broom , use it.

go ahead... click on that picture of the sink... get a really close look. WHO OWNS THIS PLACE? wouldn't you be SOOOOO embarrassed to rent these rooms out?

ohhhohhhoh and the door. isn't that a doozie. that in the corner my friends is a spiders nest, yes and that next to it i can only assume is it's resident. and don't forget to take in the lovely view of the paint job.

this is one of many roach/flea/anything living that SHOULD NOT be where people are, trap. apparently they don't work or they are already to full of other friends to accept new visitors because i killed quite a number of roaches in the first hour. :) mmmmhu that's right i should have been a pioneer, killin stuff.

this is our bed could not have been more romantic. this is pretty much the way the bed looked when we walked in (minus jeff of course). the comforter was sticky and oh so foul smelling. i'm going to go ahead and assume that it hasn't been washed in far too long.

the smell in that place was like nothing you could ever imagine but if computers had scratch n sniff this is probably what you would smell:

*a giant pile of poop in the middle of the floor

*urine that has been there for years

*and really any other foul thing that you can imagine.

it was a nightmare. and as we were checking out (we were only there for two hours) this truck full of guys were driving by and one yelled and pointed at us and said "oh my gosh look they're staying there" and they all busted up laughing. hahahaha we started laughing. apparently that place is well known on the north shore and not because of it's fantastic views and it's amazing accommodations.

the moral of the story is: if EVERYTHING around is $300.00 a night, chances are the one that's $89.00 a night is $89.oo a night for a reason.

i'll put up pics soon of the place we ended up at. let's just say it was worth every penny.

here is a full body shot of jeff for family and friends who have been asking.

*edited* christine wanted me to show the brochure that jeff made so here it is. :)


tara said...

you did NOT stay at the LAIE INN!!!!!!!!!

oh my gosh. i didnt know you guys were going to the north shore or i would have told you. really the only place to stay there is turtle bay!

oh my goodness. isnt it insane how slummy hawaii can be in parts-and then gorgeous paradise next door?

Anonymous said...

you were there for 2 hours??? I would not have stayed 2 minutes!
wow...that was pretty bad. can't wait to see where you actually stayed Ü

Enjoy Birth said...

Wow, that was PRETTY gross. I can't believe it. Glad you left and found something better.

christine said...

i am cracking at the comments. but you should have shown them the brochure that jeff designed for the hotel. lol

Anonymous said...

ROFL! Love it, love it! You are SO funny. Glad to hear you checked out. Wow, Jeff looks so great. Congrats to him. Nice pose on the bed and all.

www.amiestarks.typepad.com said...

I feel like I ned to wash my hands! And for that matter....use some Purel or something! :)

Jeff looks fantastic....so glad you guys got to get away...even if there was work involved!

Shelly Hanson said...


That was sick. Mike says even the good places can look like that! I think i'll go to Australia instead.

You're a hottie Jeff...no matter what Mike says. Can't wait to show the girls at work.

Anonymous said...

Did you get any kind of refund for only staying 2 hours? Gross me out. Jeff looks like a different person. Looking good.

Anonymous said...

Dude... update your blog.


Sunshine said...

Hey Stacy,

I hope this wasn't your first trip to Hawaii... I agree with your friend Tara - Turtle Bay is the ONLY place to stay...it is gorgeous and has a private beach. I can't wait to see where you really stayed. Love your new house...it looks so homey! Sounds like the move was a blessing for all of you.

Kristen (Dewey)