Saturday, August 11, 2007

every girl needs one...

when she has a husband and kids! :)
it is seriously like a little piece of heaven when a girl gets to spend some good quality time with her pedicurist...friends are good too. :)
a little group of my girly friends got to go out for a few hours today and have some much needed pampering, and it was becky's first time EVER getting a pedicure
from left to right: kristin, sarah, me, cheryl and becky. we had alot of fun and laughed alot which is always good for my soul. and see how cute our toes look?

we went to texas roadhouse for lunch and had about the worst service that any of us have had but it was just nice to be together in what always seems to be a faraway land whenever i'm alone or with some great friends...or when i'm on a really good date with my husband.


Anonymous said...

good stuff! glad you had a super time! toes look pretty! love, christine

weaverfam said...

such a great time! i'm still afraid to walk around and chip my paint! can't wait to go see andy again:)

Bowlby Family Organazation said...

pedicures are the best, and roadhouse to top it off. we never should have moved!!

Kristin said...

What a great time! I'm so glad we all went. We need to make it a regular appointment!

Sarah said...

That was SO much fun. I had a blast like usualy. I can't wait until next time.

PS Dry heave

Shelly Hanson said...

Ok...i'm going to guess which foot is yours...I say it's the bottom foot. those look like my toes. Am I right???

BTW You are H-O-T! no really sexiest thing goin' girl! Must be the bob...that's my problem, I won't sucumb!!!!

Not yet anyway.

Love you sis!

Anonymous said...

Super fun! Date nights are great...but nothing compares to fun with your girly friends ;)

N Godown said...

So....I'm a little P.O.ed that I wasn't invited!!! Don't worry...I would drive almost an HOUR for a pedicure! HA! Ha! I'm so glad you were able to do that! Actually last week my sisters & I went and got our nails done.....need to stop biting them! AArrgg.