Thursday, September 13, 2007

she's one

you are gonna have to scroll down quite a few pics to get to the ACTUAL beginning of this post because i can't stop playing with photoshop. the lighting was horrible in this room but i loved a ton of these pictures. super blurry but something about it reminds me of an old fashioned picture that's been painted and the one below it just a little interesting, kind of like a sketch.

EDITED again*** i love how happy she is that her momma is playing with her!

EDITED*** this one "speaks to me" too. the color that is. :)

this is my friend Kristin's daughter!

she is all over the place right now, not still for very long, so to get any REALLY great pics of her straight on is pretty difficult. these pics are really dark and the colors are kinda weird, i know. the baby's skin is a little interesting in that second picture but there was something about these two pictures and the color process that "spoke to me". don't freak out kristin, when the photoshop master returns from his trip he will work his magic and you will be amazed. :)

just thought i'd share. and don't judge me I DON'T DO PHOTOSHOP! :)


Kristin said...

wow you're amazing! I can't get enough...I just love this little girl! You have done a great job! I'm so excited to see all the great shots you got!

Anonymous said...

i am totally judging you, because i am photoshop expert.....yeah right! i don't even attempt which is why all my pics are raw. i really want someone to teach me, but no one has the time. it's all good. love the pics. they are sweet. i need to come over and see all of them.
love, christine

Anonymous said...

okay so I really like the pink one too! Super cute! Kristin

Shawni said...

Stacy, too bad we missed meeting you at the 50s party the other night. Josh said you guys were there. We usually go to those things because my kids love it, but we had other commitments that night. Anyway, such a small world.
So do you do a lot of photography at that Warner & Higley spot? It's hard to find a good spot. I need to start driving around to find some more unique settings.
Cute pictures by the way!

Anonymous said...

darling photos stacey! i judge you not...i know nothing about photoshop and i have the best verion!

Sarah said...

love the pictures

Enjoy Birth said...

Very sweet baby girl! Great pictures.

Shelly Hanson said...

You definately don't suck at the picture thing dear. They're beautiful. My favorite is the baby in the swing...laughing so hard!