Friday, October 05, 2007

i had a super fun girls night out tonight

but i have come to one conclusion: these (low quality pictures) prove that after everyone has eaten and the company goes home, everyone who's left in the house is suddenly transformed into a noodle with no arms.
this is subject #1 also known as the man of the house, ASLEEP! yea, sure he's tired, had a long day. those things that look like hands and arms coming out the side of his body obviously aren't because if they were the house wouldn't look like this.
keep in mind that when i got home i was in total shock over the situation at hand and i started to clean, and then i thought, this is such a joke i have to take a picture of it. so what you're looking at is about 20 min. AC (after cleaning) that's how long i cleaned before it took these pictures if you can believe it.
i'm glad everyone can get some rest...WHILE I CLEAN!
food that should not be left out was left out, no longer to be cunsumed, a total waste, again proving the no arms theory.
I'm noticing that all of this doesn't look as bad in pictures as it does in person.
CLEARLY friends, we have broken arms for the trash to look like this.
actually not an uncommon sight...unfortunately.
i know that some of you have seen my house
looking similar to this before but remember, 20 min. of cleaning happened before i even thought of the camera. this house just screamed to me,
welcome home mom!!!!!!!
this always makes a girls night out something to be excited for. if there is nothing else consistent in my life i can always count on this after a super fun girls night out. :)
P.S. e-v-e-r-y s-i-n-g-l-e l-i-g-h-t i-n t-h-e h-o-u-s-e w-a-s o-n
NOT an exaggeration!
i've just been cleaning for about an hour and what i found disturbed me! i was making light of this whole situation but honestly i'm mad. scroll up to the picture of the table, go ahead, do it and while you're there i want you to fix your eyes on the blue and white stripped towel.........
are you ready for this?
i lifted it up and there was....
someone barfed at the table in their bowl and on their plate and the adults in charge covered it up with a towel and left it for ME to clean up. i don't understand.
come on people!
for heaven sake/my sake grow some arms!
please pray for me? hahaahhHAHAHA!
for more adventures in barf go here


stacy said...

Just so you know stacy, the best shot would have been the plate of beef sitting out over the dish washwer.

FYI, I'm not taking the fall for this one. Justin Kuhni as my witness, this place was almost boarded up by the town of Gilbert before you went out. The post should have read...

..."let me blame my husband because I know he'll take the fall and if he doesn't I'll just cut him off."

I actually think you took things out of the garbage to make this look worse.

-Victimized Husband

stacy said...

I guess the plate of vomit from jenna that got covered up by a dish towel could have actually been picked up.

I noticed you didn't get a picture of that. Justin can tell you about it though... vomit flying everywhere while we were trying to enjoy Walmart Carne Asada.

That is a class move, covering it up and leaving it there. I'm sure it is warm and festery by now. I'll go look at it... wait, I'm off to golf with Justin.

I love you so much, at least leave me my car in the divorce!

-Soon to be single husband

stacy said...

this is all a load of crap and that's all i can say!

Brenna said...

NO WAY! NO WAY! i can't believe it was THAT bad! BARF?????!!!! that is horrendous! broken arms indeed! oh, stace, you totally needed to vent so that you didn't lash out irrationally. or maybe you did that too. LOL I am really sorry babes! did you clean the whole thing last night? how long did it take you? How was the movie?

jefe, your response was hilarious.

love ya two!

Anonymous said...

I am so, so, sorry! I am speachless actually...AMAZING! Kristin

Sarah said...

I just don't even know what to say. Good luck to you both, Jeff and Stacy

Kenyon said...

Im afraid to be in the middle of this, but if I came home to that...hmmm...lets just say people would need to run for their lives.

weaverfam said...

Funny, that's how my house usually looks after I've been gone too! I think there is some scientific reason that the male species can't multi-task, but I don't think anyone has figured it out yet!

That is really gross about the barf. Why is that mommy gets all the fun jobs?

Bowlby Family Organazation said...

oh my, what can one say? is this what i have to look forward to? i am not sure mike would live to tell about it.

Shelly Hanson said...

The last time I made a derogitory comment in regards to your totally understandable complaining it got me into trouble with you and Jeff.

So I say as the great sister and sister in law that i am...I love you both soooo much !!!!!!!

Now kiss and make up.

Anonymous said...

i think that your soon to be single husband needs to realize that when we have been gone and had a ton of fun, it is like getting hit with a ton of bricks to walk back into a house like this. or better yet, like being a beautiful inflated balloon and getting popped with a long sharp epidural needle.

you should have left it for him man. :)

staying anon to preserve my safety.

-someone who rhymes with sara

Anonymous said...

S (T) ara, I know that you scrapbookers (thelma and louise types) stick together.

I do know that there is some lady that lives in my house that sometimes cleans and takes my children to school. Sometimes I just need a break and so I thought that that "lady" would clean or the "magic cleaning fairy" would come and take care of the health hazard in Gilbert, AZ where I live.

In my defense... ask stacy how the house looked before she left. ORGANIZED PILES OF RUBBISH IS NOT A CLEAN HOUSE. It sucks that I have to take the fall on this one. However, if I don't want to be cut off for a month... here is my concession speach:

Stacy, I am sorry for making such a mess. Our house was spotless before you left and because I am such a slob and thoughtless husband, I messed it all up. I should be drawn and quartered for doing this to you and my heart aches so bad, I feel you would have been justified in kneeing me in the groin in my sleep. Accept my apology and know that you are always right and I am wrong and will obey you.

P.S. I did do the dishes and downstairs this evening.

Kenyon said...

You guys seriously crack me up!!

Julie said...

Whoa! I don't know whether to laugh or cry for you! I'd be ticked, too! Nothing like going out and coming home to that! Anyway, your husband is a crack up. Next time when you clean up pick up everything and put it on his side of the bed! Just kidding... :)

Brynn said...

Those pictures are horrible! But doesn't surprise me. I think most women can expect to find that after a girls night out.

We're in Brea right now, and yes, I'm having a little girl hopefully in the beginning of next month. Glenn started his MBA program at UCI, and life is crazy right now!

How's AZ? Is it still hot?

courtney said...

hey its been a while Im not sure if you would remember who I am I used to be in your ward forever ago I just found your blog I am on the verge of obsessed

kara jayne said...

I know i'm totally late to comment on this, but i've been massively behind on my blog reading the past couple of weeks.

I am so sorry you came home to this. I must admit though that I'm not suprised if your hubby is anything like mine. I DON'T GET IT! Do they actually think that's okay? I don't blame you for being MAD AS ----!!! Now you have it documented, so he can never deny it!