Wednesday, October 24, 2007

it could only happen to me

those who know me know that things happen to me that would never happen to another living soul. i don't know why this is but it just is. it makes life interesting.
yesterday i had the flu. (i don't recommend this illness) it sucked, i was totally out if commission all day and by the night time i was delirious with fever. this happens to everyone at one point or another so this isn't really what this post is all about. what it is about is what happened in my house while i was sleeping. when i got out of bed this morning (feeling a million times better) i went into the kitchen and found interesting things on the floor one of which was a fruit by the foot fruit roll, that's harmless right? that's what i thought so i proceeded to pick it up. what happened next is something that would NEVER happen to ANYONE else. i reached down to pick it up and one end of it was stuck to the ground so i pulled a little harder than i would have otherwise had to. when i pulled my had slid down the previously mentioned treat and it sliced my hand OPEN...there was blood! fruit people, it was FRUIT! it still hurts. who else would that happen to? only me.
on another note, since last wednesday i have lost 9 lbs and my new pants that i bought when i thought i was pregnant are falling off of me. :)
and let me leave you with this quote for the day found on the t-shirt of an elderly woman.
"it is what it is" (unless of course it isn't) hahaha! i love that!


A. Kuhni said...

I am sorry that crazy things happen to you. Are you alright now?

Shelley said...

I'm sorry Stacy! That sucks. And that's a great quote! It made me laugh. Thanks for leaving all your comments on my blog!

weaverfam said...

he he he. they should put warning signs on those suckers.

Sarah said...

A fruit cut, never heard of one of those before! But I guess it is was it is (unless of course it isn't) Hee Hee Love ya!

Shelly Hanson said...

I think you're lying. No really, you just want attention from Mom cause you know she loves me more...Whatever