Sunday, November 18, 2007

a new way to have a girls night

me and three of my favorite people went to ashley's mom's house for a girls night in. we went to Joe's bbq and ordered some yummy food and took it back to the house and had a feast. when we were done we went into their amazing theater room for a FREE movie. can't beat that price!
isn't this awesome? the pictures don't do it justice. these front seats recline! so comfy!
weird shot, i know
here's our hostess.

we watched a movie called dear frankie. i wouldn't HIGHLY recommend it but we all enjoyed it and shed a tear or two.

it was such a relaxing time until...we got a phone call from one of the husbands with a barfing kid. barf always puts a damper on things a bit. hey, we're moms it's inevitable right?

one more thing:
a big happy birthday to kristin from the four of us
(the girls in the picture up top :))
you're a stinker for not telling us it was your birthday!
love you sweet thing!


Brenna said...

what a fantastic room! looks like fun. sorry i missed that again. i haven't ever heard of that movie. maybe i should start watching tv and see previews to movies. LOL glad you had a super time.

Sarah said...

Another super fun night...even though it was cut short. dito from me too Kristen, Happy Birthday.

Kristin said...

Thanks Stacy!

Shelly Hanson said...

THat looked like a ton of fun! who's got all that money? BTW are you losing weight? you look thinner