Sunday, November 04, 2007

one of the most undocumented days

i was sick october 22nd through the 26th ...beyond sick with some mutated form of the flu! on the 26th (which just happened to be my birthday) i woke up to a really nice surprise from jeff. there was candy all over the family room floor and in the middle of it all there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a card and the ever most sacred soap opera digest?!?!? oh and as i walked/stumbled down the stairs there was a big happy birthday sign above my head. the sad part was that jeff left that morning to go golfing and i was still on my death bed and all i could think about was, "how am i going to clean all of this up"?
the kids jumped to the rescue and and cleaned it up AND got themselves ready for school AND got themselves breakfast. i had to call amber to pick the kids up for school. i slept the whole day away and i don't even know what poor tatum did the whole time.
my point is this: i am really good at documenting what happens in our lives through pictures and i totally didn't this time. oh well there will be other years.
this is what i got:
flowers from jeff
flowers from mom
flowers from amie
flowers from ashley, kristin, sarah and amber
kidnapped by the above girls for a morning of breakfast and much needed pampering!
lunch with christine
all in all it worked out to be a great birthday after all. by the way i'm 32 :)
that night was our ward trunk or treat and if you can believe it these are all of the pictures i got.
tatum was not a fan of the LOUD halloween music coming out of our car so this is how she looked most of the night. poor thing!

this is our sweet friend katelyn!
i think jeff looks hot in this picture! great colors on him. i'm just sayin. :)
unfortunately, there will be more pictures with costumes to come.
i was over halloween before oct. 31st.


Kenyon said...

First of all HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! I wish I had known, and I also wish you werent sick:( Our family passed that around a month ago and it was a nightmare! I hope noone else in your family gets it. Cute Halloween pictures.

Brenna said...

i was super sad that you had an awful b-day. tatum and her music. funny little thing.

Sarah said...

Glad you are feeling better. Those are some super cute kids you got there. Love the costumes.

Anonymous said...

oh you poor honey-sick on your birthday?
thats just not fair!
li was over halloween before halloween too.....

Shelly Hanson said...

um...excuse me but what about MY gift to don't even know how big that was for me. IN FACT, last Saturday I went in and had 2 more stinking inches taken off the back...whatever, you're out of my will.

And you know how WEALTHY I am...OUT! you're OUT!