Thursday, November 29, 2007

so here's the story

i actually took pictures of the story i'm about to tell but apparently my husband didn't think it was as funny as i might not either.
we went to another city to do this shoot. we thought we were actually going to a big RED barn. we were a little disappointed when we saw this place but as it turns out it was pretty awesome. ashley and justin went to the door of the house that went with this barn to ask permission to use it. (i got a picture of them at the door). they knocked a few times and quite a few minutes later a little old lady answered the door...i'm 99.9% sure that poor old thing was asleep when they knocked. (i got a picture of her at the door too. do you see how these pictures might have made this story REALLY good)
...this story was way better that day and so much better in my head so i'm gonna go ahead and leave it there. whatever!
here are a few more of the shots we got that day.


Anonymous said...

great pics stacy! red barns are overrated! LOL

love ya, chistine

Kristin said...

So cute!

Shelly Hanson said...

Those turned out so cute stac! I'm glad you got a chance to use the barn.

Sarah said...

I love the way these turned out. They look awesome.

Unknown said...

They look fabulous!