Friday, November 09, 2007


these pictures couldn't be more out of order but this night was so much fun that i just wanted to document it and not have to worry about getting it in order.
on october 27th we had the greatest halloween party!
throughout the night we had about 60 friends show up
so much fun!
we split into groups and and the team captains picked props out of a basket and each team had to come up with a skit using the items. it was HYSTERICAL!
you can only imagine looking at the first two pictures and no those underwear are NOT mine!

i am so irritated with myself. i ruined every picture by putting my hand on sarah's low hanging granny boobs...whatever.
so scary!

by the end of the night i was wasted so for the last hour i just laid on the couch. this was the day after the last day of my nightmare sickness.

this was a little unsettling to me if i'm being honest. :)
cute stuff!
we had a little karaoke fun...and fun it was.
that girl can't look bad
i took pictures of the house inside and out and they didn't do the decorations any justice the place really looked great courtesy of my talented husband so i am only going to put this one up. don't you love the eyes in the window?
the day after the party this is how i found jeff while he was down for his nap. it was so creepy looking and he had put pillows under the blanket so it looked like there was a body under there.
so funny!
the devil and the prisoner...kinda the same if you think about it. :)
i have never seen this man have so much fun...which man you ask? hahahaha! THE ONE ON THE RIGHT! amber dressed up like rich, it was so funny. they were so cute!
ooooooh hot stuff!
she just finished making these costumes right before the came over that night...cute huh?
and i saved the best for last. here is my very manly man.
it was tristan's idea.
ok, i just have halloween night left i'll put that up in the next day or so so we can get that part of our lives over with.


Brenna said...

yeah the picture in bed is DISTURBING! but the party looks like a lot of fun. sad we missed it. i am so glad you were able to enjoy yourself despite the sick nonsense. love you chickie!

Sarah said...

Holy Cow! I laughed so hard looking at these pictures. That night was such fun. But, I think our friendship is OVER! You total know why.

Kristin said...

This was so much fun to look at, I can't beleive how great everyone looked. What a fun night...So is this an annual thing or what???

Kenyon said...

Looks like a great party, we were sad we missed it:(