Sunday, December 09, 2007

my beautiful jenna

this is what jenna looks like next to other six year olds.

this is what jenna looks like next to most eight year olds.

she is the sweetest and most thoughtful girl. she is the best sister anyone could have. she puts up with so much junk from the two stinkers in this picture with her. she is one of the loves of my life and i feel so blessed to have her. she is also very ME! i was always taller than everyone and while it's nice to be tall now i went threw a lot of years of feeling self conscious because of my height. i was 5' 8" at the end of my sixth grade year. now that is just NOT FAIR! but she is lucky to have me as a mom to tell her from experience that it will all work out and that some day she will be grateful for her height.


Josh said...

Jenna comes over and gives me a hug every day at lunch. She is SUCH a sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

me too! when i go to the school, she gives me hugs. cute sweet girl.
love, christine

Bowlby Family Organazation said...

you have beautiful children, and i think jenna looks a lot like you.