Tuesday, December 11, 2007

this post is rated PG 13...

because my husband and son are sick. ;)
i'm just gonna update on the month of dec. so far. you are going to be totally bored but remember this is my journal and i just want record of of all of the shenanigans. :)
the kids decorated their own trees for their rooms.

we decorated the tree for family home evening but latter you'll see a picture of where we ended up putting it. the tree was a good size in our tiny apartment but here it doesn't cut it here so we had to move it to a place where it didn't look so small.
since we decorated the house with all of our christmas stuff the kids have loved turning on the christmas music and dancing up a storm.
i made two pies for our ward christmas party. aren't they pretty? i took pictures of them cause that's what my mom always did. :)

the primary sang and sounded as sweet as usual. i love to hear them sing.
WHATEVER! i don't even know what to say except i didn't dress her and i OBVIOUSLY didn't do her hair.
since not all gingerbread houses stay standing jeff built one out of cardboard...

and covered it with frosting and graham crackers and all of the other good stuff.

this is where the ratting comes in. jeff made this reindeer and if you look at it's hind end you can see...

this was supposed to be a snowman but it appears to be the abominable snowman from the matterhorn at disneyland. nice eyes!
my sweet son made a hunter out of marshmallows and used an animal cracker as his kill.
here's the finished product. isn't it huge?

here is the new location.

some lights. i know, exciting!

the kids school had a christmas concert and it was so great. jenna sang with her class and with the choir. they sounded so good.

tatum ran off so i asked jake to get her. what a goofball!

speaking of goofball's

tristan's class sang when christmas comes to town from the polar express and it was so sweet. we went to an annual christmas party at our friends house and it was a ton of fun...at TON of fun! isn't their tree great? i usually love trees covered with handmade and sentimental ornaments but i just love the whimsy of this tree.

there were so many pictures from this party that i can't/won't share but i will leave you with these pictures so you have an idea of how hysterical things got.

if you look closely you can see the tears running down Justin's face.

ahhhhhh all done...for today. :)


Anonymous said...

those tears and hysterical laughter came at the cost of one EMBARRASSED wife, I will tell you that much. and i need to call lara, but i think i know exactly what revenge will take place. (insert evil smile and laughter here) :)

your gingerbread house is precious! done with all manner of benintendi class! LOL

loving the picture of jake and tatum.

love ya, christine

Shawni said...

Stacy, I"m trying to get caught up on seeing what people are up to as I see the light at the end of the tunnel of picture taking! It sounds like you guys are doing great. I was sad to miss the Christmas program at Eagles Aires...Max had a cello concert. But Josh said the kids did great. Talk to you soon...

Kenyon said...

That Gingerbread house is awesome, especially the deer that made it pg-13 :).Those pies you made for the ward Christmas party look YUMMY...to bad I wasnt their to eat it:(. I am so intimidated to try and make a homemade crust, but that picture makes me want to give it a whirl.

Shelly Hanson said...

Thanks for the catch up. I wish I had the time that you do to keep up with my blog.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Stacy forgot to mention that the theme of this years gingerbread house actually was "stool!"

Look at the reindeer (she already mentioned), snow man had stool, Santa on top of the house had stool and of course, Tristan's animal he killed... you guessed it, stool.

I just wanted to make sure our gingerbread house was properly represented.


Sarah said...

The gingerbread house turned out great. Of course a Benintendi house just would not be complete with out all the poop. All the pics are great.