Tuesday, January 08, 2008

olvera street

while we were in california we went to olvera street

here are a bunch of picture from the day. there my be entirely too many pictures of tatum but she's the "baby" so that's kinda what happens in our family.

a bunch of crazies
one of the few happy (????) shots of tatum.
this isn't the last you'll see of this kind of picture...you see we woke her up and took her out of her car seat, which usually isn't a big deal but today? today was a different day.

this is what jeff's family likes to do when they come to california. i know that these taquitos don't look like much but they are AMAZING.
see what i mean?
click on this picture to make it bigger so you can see that
everyone is doing their own thing and poor tatum is wallowing in her sadness.

i just love all of the colors
off on a journey to find churros
ummmmm found the churros. if you think you know the best place to find churros
YOU'RE WRONG...these are the best!!!!
always hitching a ride. must be nice.
hmmmmmm this looks about right.
if you've never been to olvera street i could describe it as a little swap meet and i mean little but the food is WAY better.
i loved this green wall but we had to settle for super blurry pictures since people kept walking in front of us.

jenna lost her tooth on our trip out and i wanted to get a picture of her toothless grin, so when i asked her to show me this is what i got. hahahaha!
who is this girl? she resembles the three year old that lives in my house but this is the first sign of real happiness. this is right after our bathroom trip right before we left. of course she would pep up just in time to leave.
oh yeah, she's back! this girl is SO in love with her dad!

tomorrow...pictures of our fabulous new years bash. :)


Bowlby Family Organazation said...

yea, you are back...i love your blog and have missed you being gone. can't wait to see new years stuff. we were boring and did nothing special.

Brenna said...

Hey don't you love those colored walls? I recognized all those walls. LOVE THEM! Yeah gas is a rip off in Cali. We paid $3.75 in BLYTHE! I love Olvera street. Wish I could have been with you.

renhallows said...

That street reminds me of some of the streets in Mexico. I am sure it's not quite the same...but wait, taquitos? Churros?...yeah, it's about the same!

A. Kuhni said...

So Tatum is too cute when she is having a pity party. I am sure you don't think it is cute but she is not my child so I can think that! Looks like a really fun street and I love churros so I will have to go there some day and see if they are as good as you say they are.

Julie said...

your kids are so cute.

I am dying over olvera street. My hubby and I used to go there all the time before we moved away. My reasons for dragging him all the way to LA were for the CHURROS!! so funny that you mention them. I can't get enough of them and leave with bags of them for "later." but they are always all gone by the time we get home.

Great hearing form you!

kara jayne said...

Your kids are so cute and your pictures are amazing. Can we start an arizona photo club here with you, Shawni, and April. Oh wait, I'm the only one in that scenario that has no clue what I'm doing. Yea for me!! I seriously need some tips.

Shelly Hanson said...

Ohhhh the memories! I loved that place growing up. One of tatums crying pics reminds me of one Mom got of me about that age, and oh my Jenna...Don't do that ugly face again! it'll freeze that way!