Sunday, January 13, 2008

oooooh the tater tot

she says funny stuff all the time...ALL the time. but yesterday i listened in on a conversation between her and jeff and i want to remember it so here it is.

last night we went to one of our friends houses and she was asking the man of the house for some gum. so they went in search of some gum and found some in his office. he gave her a piece and they moved on to other things. when we got home i was on the computer and heard this.

jeff: NO WAY!.........OH DUDE!.........YOUR KIDDING ME!..........OH MAN I'M SORRY!
and i'm thinking, oh man what did SHE DO?
i hear jeff go into the loft and this is what went down.

jeff: tatum, chris just called and said that he gave you a piece of gum and after we left he went into his office and it was ALL GONE! (about 15 pieces) do you know what happened to it?

tatum: yea! I ate it all! (very excited and matter-of-fact)

jeff: honey that can make you very sick!

tatum: no it can't, it makes you super healthy!

jeff: no, it'll make your stomach sick!

tatum: no, it makes you healthy that's why i'm all better...see?

now go back to the beginning and insert a lisp where tatum speaks cause honestly it's just not as funny without it.

now, the reason we all need to remember this is because when nothing else works to make you healthy just chew up and swallow a whole pack of gum cause,

"it maketh you thuper healthy!"


Sarah said...

I love that girls!!! She is so funny. Thanks for the health tips Tatum.

PS I would love to see what kind of family pics the professional photographer got of my family. My photographer (jeff w) did not do so hot.

Shelley said...

That's too funny! She's a cutie! So do you think if you told her that whole pack of gum will stay in her stomache for 7 years she'll not think it was thuper healthy anymore? LOL... I believed that for the longest time!

Kenyon said...

Oh, that is so funny. She has SUCH personality, I just love it.

Brenna said...

goodness gracious! thee ith hilariouth! (she is hilarious) give her smooshy kisses for me.... RIGHT NOW! LOL

Amber said...

You're so cute. Okay, I will try and do better :)

Shawni said...

Cute little Tatum...sounds like my kids and gum. What's so amazing about it that they just HAVE to have it??

kara jayne said...

I'm sure that is going to happen some day with my Nora. she isn't two yet,but she asks for gum about 5 times an hour!

Bowlby Family Organazation said...

a whole pack? did she get sick? at least the whole pack wasn't chewed and in her hair. i really hope jordan has personality like tatum's.

Shelly Hanson said...

LOLOLOLOLOL That must be why Morgan chews up all the gum in the house! I never realize it's theaputic qualities!