Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy V D

when i was a teenager i would say happy V D. my mom HATED it! to her that pretty much meant happy venereal disease, and apparently there is NOTHING happy about a venereal disease. hahahaha!
happy valentines day friends!
this is what it looked like as the sun was comming up this morning. i think i love the desert. such beautiful sun rises and sunsets.

this is what i got from jeff. it is an old sewing table that out neighbor gave me. jeff stripped it and painted and distressed it. I LOVE IT! it's so pretty!

i decoratied the house for the kids this morning and left little gifts next to their plates. they said it was the best valentines ever.
i made heart shaped pancakes. i have never done this before and it was WAY easier than i though it would be.
jeff and i had a little argument over the pancakes and tristan said, "um? i don't think your supposed to fight on valentines day?!?!?" hahahah! i think he might be right. :)
have a happy day! :) :) :)


Jill said...

So cute stacy. That is so fun. I can't wait til our kids get older so we can have fun like that.

Jody said...

Stacy, I had the same cups, plates & napkins this morning for our "pink" breakfast! How funny! AND....I was going to take a pic of the sky this morning, too! Wasn't it gorgeous?!

Sarah said...

Looks like your guys had a fun morning. Those are great ideas. Jeff did a great job on the table. I think he should finish the armoire for me. :)

Anonymous said...

First, I LOVE your new sewing table! Jeff did a rockin job refinishing it. So fun (sew fun) hahahahahha!!

Secondly, I am so proud of you for making your kids such a wonderful Valentine's surprise. The decor was super cute-and those pancakes look super yummy. Even though it's work, the kids will remember this for a long long time :)

Kyle now knows the 'truth'...but still insisted on decorating. We will probably keep this tradition till we are too old to care. I sent Jessica a bunch of decor and fun VD stuff (not to be confused with the disease VD) so her and her roommates had some fun making it like home.

Hope you have a super rest of the day!!
love ya.

Brenna said...

The sewing table is gorgeous Stace! What a Happy V-Day for you guys. I just sprinkled some candy on their beds and got them each something I know they would love.

I love our sunsets also.

Shelley said...

Super cute!! I should be better at making holidays more special!! LOVE the heart pancakes. And I want your sewing table! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacy,

Just wanted to leave some footprints on your blog. You have a talent with the camera. I loved your sunrise shot. I'm never up that early in the morning though.

Ciao baby.

Shawni said...

Don't you just love VD? I love the cute decorations and seriously, how nice is that table? That's a lot of work from someone who must really love you!

Shelly Hanson said...

You win, I'm not doing Holidays anymore because you are way better at it then me! I think I must hate my kids cause they got a chocolate orange with a v day pic. on it. You rock!

and love the sewing table. nice job on that Jeff.


Bowlby Family Organazation said...

i love your blog, and i love seeing the things that you do for your kids. and that table is awesome.

Dennison Family said...

beautiful photos of the Sunrises and Sunsets! I agree, they are gorgeous here! I also love the V-day Breakfast! Super cute! what a great suprise for the kids!
Also, that sweing table is beautiful! How thoughtful of him!

Kenyon said...

What a great Valentines day morning for your kids. I should have sent Jaxson over to your house for breakfast, he LIVES for pancakes! I will have to try the hearts next year :). I love the table that Jeff did for you.

Anonymous said...

TOO CUTE! I love your heart shaped pancakes, I think they look YUMMY!! And I am totally jealous of your new sewing table, what a sweet hubby you have to do that for you!!!