Monday, March 17, 2008

after EVERYTHING.......

so you read all of the crap from two weeks ago. what you don't know is that i have been BEYOND exhausted ever since. i have NO energy and i sleep at least three hours during the middle of every day. i have self diagnosed myself with mono. hahahah! what other explanation could there be? :) to top it all off i woke up from my nap yesterday SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not super excited about this friends. kinda done actually!
i can say this though, it is the common cold which i can stand compared to what happened to me two weeks ago. in fact i've decided that leprosy would be better than what i had two weeks ago.
i want to thank all of you for your love and concern while i was sick and i especially want to than shane for his advice on how to keep from coughing. it TOTALLY worked. hahahahah! probably my funniest comment ever!


Erin said...

one word....


works wonders for simple colds. i don't like poppin pills, so i used the nose gel. works everytime i feel a cold come on.

hope you feel better!

Julie said...

Mono, or your pregnant!?

Just kidding.

I love your friend Tara's blog. I found it recently from a gal here. She recommended it to me. How do you know her? I would love to see how she would photograph my family. It would be fun! someday I will be able to afford her!

Shawni said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better, Stacy. And I'm sad you're feeling worse again. What's up with all this sickness going on around here? Hope you get better quick.

Kenyon said...

I need to vent after reading your post. 7 weeks ago our family passed around the stomach flu...NIGHTMARE! 4 days ago we just got done passing around a nightmare cold/strep throat flu that lasted almost a month. Now we have the stomach flu AGAIN!!! WHY has everybody been sick FOREVER??? I am so sorry you have a cold AFTER WHAT YOU went through last week....UGGGHHHH!

5littlenordstroms said...

So Sorry you are sick again. It sounds like maybe we had the same thing. There were times it was so bad that I almost went to the ER but I toughed it out but I too have been just completely drained from it and now even 3 weeks later Some days I will wake up feeling sick again. So weird. Anyway. I really hope you feel better soon.

Tara Whitney said...

i am so sorry you are still feeling so tired. it certainly could be mono/EBV. i had it this time last year and it was bad. but i will tell you what helped me:

i took these vitamins everyday:
co-enzyme Q10

i would go get your blood taken/checked for it to make sure something else isnt going on.

i worry about you!

Tara Whitney said...

julie-i just read your comment-thank you! stacy and i have known each other for many moons-we met through another friend-its been about ten years now!

Unknown said...

How in the world do you get your kids to leave you alone for 3 hours so you can sleep? Get lots of least you don't want to chop your head off anymore!

Nash said...

The echinacea will work and I used to be so against natural. But I promise it will. The only problem is it's not as strong from a reg health store. Got to order from it has more than just echinacea. It will help you get well and stay well. I am so sad to hear how so many out there have been SO sick. Those in my house who took it got well and are staying healthy (we take a little again if we feel the slightest sore throat) and we are staying healthy. I had mono in HS and it's something that never goes away for good. I have times where I feel so tired my eyelids CANNOT stay open.
Good Luck Stacy! I was at san tan mall yesterday and thought of you. (cause i know you live around there)