Wednesday, March 26, 2008

it's all coming back, it's all coming back to me nooow

woke up at 5:45 am.

gave jenna ibuprofen.

felt like barfing.

went back to sleep for an hour.

woke up.

felt like i could barf again.

thought fruit might help.

found strawberries.

they were brown and mushy.

almost lost my gelato from the night before.

ahhhhhh i remember this feeling AND I DON'T LOVE IT!

it's on! i officially have morning sickness, or in my case all day and night sickness. it SUCKS but i hear it's a good sign. :)


Kenyon said...

As i am reading this....Its all coming back to ME as well!!! OHHHHH I am not envious of those feelings, at all....but the result of all that crap is SOOO worth it :) Hang in their.

N Godown said...

I hear bananas help with morning sickness.....and have you tried Unisom?? That helps with sleeping but I hear that when you wake up, the morning sickness isn't as bad. Good Luck!! I hope it gets better!
We need to hang out!! It's been forever!!

Brenna said...

Yes. It is a "special" feeling.

Jill said...

awesomw bloosom. cheesy i know

Bowlby Family Organazation said...

raspberry herbal tea, it worked miracles for me. a little sip here and there when you are feeling sick, it really does work. i drank it warm and then started making it and putting it in the fridge, it worked warm or cold. hope you feel better soon!

Unknown said...

Brown mushy strawberries would make me want to barf, too! So sorry you're sick...since everyone's giving you their remedies, here's mine...drink lots and lots of water!

renhallows said...

I know that everyone has a method to help ease the morning here's mine...ginger anything. Ginger Ale, Ginger snaps seems to work (for me). Hang in there!

Crazy Momma said...

it's one of the best signs you can get. it means your body is porducing a large amount of all thing baby to help it that baby join your family soon.

Unknown said...

Ah man! What can I say, it is NOT pleasant, but yes, a good thing. :) Don't worry, it seems like it went fast when it is all over.

Anonymous said...

Alright, you've been through this plenty of times to know what works and what doens't, but then again, each pregnancy is different. So if you want to rock the 80's, buy some of those "sea bands" at the market, they are grey wrist bands that give pressure on your pressure points on the inside of your wrists. Most people use them for sea sickness, but it worked wonders for me, just took the edge off so i could eat and not hurl! Give it a try....can't hurt right? In fact, I have a pair left, want me to mail them to you??
luv robyn

Julie said...

I have to be honest. I hope I never have that "special" feeling, as Brenda put it, again. But it is a good sign. And man, I'd throw up all over again for each one of my kids!

Anonymous said...

worst symptom EVER!

Enjoy Birth said...

Eliminate Nausea Now CD... Sharla, you still have copy or did you give back to me? Send to Stacy if you have it. ;)