Monday, December 22, 2008

addie girl

addie is hardly the new born that she was 3 weeks ago but here she is at five weeks.
this is what i call her monkey face...i LOVE the monkey face! i have to kiss those little lips when they look like that. her eyes aren't as googlie as they usually are when her lips do that. it's almost like there is a string attached from her eyes to her lips and her lips pull her eyes cross-eyed.
that is one YUMMY baby!

more pictures from this shoot to come.


Robyn said...

She is too precious. You ALMOST make me want to have another one.

Crazy Momma said...

too cute! and super beautiful

Brenna said...

Oh yeah, that is one cute shot! Thanks for letting me have a minute with her tonight! :)
love ya, me

Jessica said...

She is SO CUTE!! It hurts!! :)