Thursday, January 08, 2009

priceless moments

the other morning when jeff left for a bike ride tatum was so upset that she started to cry for him. she went upstairs to find solice in her sleeping sister. she climbed up in bed with her and laid next to her crying until she woke up. i followed her up the stairs to see if i could help to calm her down. i peeked inside the room and saw them looking at each other and i heard this:
jenna: what's wrong tates?
tatum: i miss daddy.
jenna: where did he go?
tatum: he went on a bike ride.
jenna: oh, he'll be back.
tatum: i know but i didn't want him to leave.
jenna: ooooohhh (and as sweet as a big sister could be she rolled over to be closer to her and my heart about burst with pride over the sweet and tender way that jenna loved her. )
tatum: (immediately stopped crying) your breath stinks!
the tender moment became a priceless one. they didn't know i was listening to them but i couldn't keep from busting up so they figured out pretty quick that i was spying.
from now on we know that all we have to do when tatum is crying is have jenna breathe in her face and whatever problem she has at the time will quickly disappear.


Pretty Organizer said...

Okay, you have the greatest stories... Love them! Just thought I'd look you up and tell ya that I don't think Tristan is a weirdo. We need lots of soap these days. I have a son who wanted to sell origami 3D stars on eBay to earn money for college... set'n his sights high!

Julz said...

So cute! What good sisters even through stinky breath, thats true love!

renhallows said...

that is TOTALLY something my child would say to me...oh, wait that happened just yesterday.
miss you guys over there in summerfield..

Crazy Momma said...

for some reason lil sisters NEED THOSE AMAZING big sisters.
That is a great story too cute. thanks for sharing

Kate said...

That is so sweet and also so funny. We have alot of those "breath" comments at our house too.

Shelly Hanson said...

Oh that makes me what to hug them both! Stinky breath and all! You better for sure be coming for Easter because I need another "hit" of Benintendi kids. Oh and you and jeff too.......Sorry. ;)

Brenna said...

Ahhh! The subtle art of distraction. LOL This is too cute. Taters and her sweet honesty.
love you, me