Thursday, March 12, 2009

cool kid???????

this is the kind of stuff my son does for fun.

and then it looks like this.

me: tristan...did you get made fun of at school today? (notice the pink on his sock)

tristan: no i just put these on before dinner...and look troy bolton is on this one!


now if you go back and look at the second skating picture you can see the pink sock. that boy is going to get beat up.

i think the worst part about it was, not only did he have an "i love troy" sock on but he had a completely different pink sock on the other least he was trying to stay in the same color family.


Pretty Organizer said...

I'm showing that picture to all of the scouts! That kid is a crack up. He sings his own theme music, keeps himself company with a conversation to himself... brilliant mind! I love Tristan! Real men wear pink... and REALLY Manly men wear Troy Bolton socks!

Anonymous said...

OK Stace, I woke up to hit the head and decided I would check your blog (since you said something was funny). DUDE.... get those off of his feet! Next he's gonna want a Jonas Brothers skateboard and then who knows... maybe a David Archuletta album. I am seriously sitting here in my hotel room trying to stop dry heaving.

I love that kid but man... what the heck? I am seriously going to be ticked if his Pinewood derby car is like a "hello kitty" or a "hanna montana microphone"


Anonymous said...

Real men wear pink... right? LOL love that boy! Always an adventure when Tristan is around. At least he is skateboarding? :) love, me

Erin said...

Tristan is too cool! I mean, it takes a 'real' boy to wear pink...especially when you are almost out numbered in the
too funny!

Kenyon said...

That is so hilarious!!! He is such a handsome boy...he pulls off the pink...but the I love Troy Bolton....FIRED! :0 SO funny.

Shelly Hanson said...

LOL That's awesome! DO you remember when he played dress up wih the girls and walked into the kitchen in a blue sequined dress and cowboy hat? He started to cry because he thought we were laughing at the HAT!

I love T. I think when you come for easter I'll have some dress ups his size waiting...just in case. :)

Gardner Family said...

You can tell I have no girls when I have no clue who that "dude" on the sock is. Only real men can pull off pink and I think he still has his man/boy card.

Crazy Momma said...

he's just a strong man with his own way! sk8ers can be that way... Kevin's a sk8er and he was skinny and liked to dye his hair with kool-aid... look at how great your guy will be ;)