Saturday, June 20, 2009

it took me 4 hours of hard core pushing to get this boys 10 lb body out of me and into this world. it was so hard and even though he came out looking like this, (and i just KNEW his head would never get better) i was totally in love with every inch of his mangled self. from head to toe this boy screamed trauma. the process of getting him here was just as long and difficult for him as it was for me and it showed. it didn't take too long for him to snap out of it and ten years later he is more beautiful than ever.

yesterday he woke up to the traditional benintendi streamers and balloons and presents waiting for him in the middle of the floor.

tristan want just a few simple things and he got all of them. he wanted a good book so we got him the fablehaven book that he didn't have yet. he asked for socks (which is a weird thing for a ten year old to ask for but OK) i got him 5 packs of gum because he is always stealing mine and a pack of white copy paper for the same reason. we ordered a harry potter wand online and were still waiting for that to come.

he also wanted tech dech skateboards...he ALWAYS wants these over the last few years he has probably had around 50. he loves these things!

after he opened his presents he and i went to breakfast together just the 2 of us. it's nice to get that one on one time with him and i know that he likes it to because he asks for it all the time. he chose mcdonalds and since it was his day that's where we went. :)

a little later in the day we went to see "UP"! it was such a sweet movie and totally brought me to tears. i did sleep through about half of it but i saw the important parts. i think the kids really liked it.
after the movie we went to an early dinner at dennys, another of trisants b-day picks. :) it was free for him so that was a pretty good deal.

while we were there we noticed that our baby girl cut a tooth. can't see it in this picture, actually she won't let us see it at all but we can for sure feel it.

after dinner some of our favorite people on the planet came over to sing happy birthday and have cake and ice cream.

some of the kids played a little pin the tail on the donkey...doesn't ben look great in pink?

we sang....

he blew out the candles...this mark the beginning of another wonderful year with an amazing son.

the boys went out after to play mini golf and play some video games. they were out late and seemed to have a great time.
jeff is at urgent care now getting x-rays on his hand, he was being a weirdo last night and hurt it and it's swollen. all you had to do is tell me you didn't want to do yard work jeff! this is kind of an expensive way to get out of work!


Julz said...

I am going to miss him in Scouts! KAden will too!

Crazy Momma said...

hope he had a great birthday! the 1st picture is cute but ouch stacy, dang you brave women.

The Van Fam said...

wow! what a fun filled day! you guys really know how to celebrate!! trey had major head issues when he was born too!

Shelly Hanson said...

I suck. I have allowed Dad's "forget all birthdays" gene to take over.

I love you T I'm sorry I didn't call you!

Happy Birthday!