Tuesday, March 09, 2010

gale force winds

i don't have a single picture but i have to share the events of this day.
i got my kids off to school and jeff and i set out on a walk together. we just started to do this and i'm so excited to have this time alone with him to talk about our lives and just things, things that make up us, who we were, who we are and who we are trying so hard to become.
after our walk tatum came home from school excited to fly her new kite. we waited around a bit and got a little bit of a breeze. we weren't able to get much action out of that kite but it was still fun to be outside together.
jeff noticed that there was a bit of wind so i scooped up the baby and we all ran outside to give it another try. the kite was four feet off the ground and addie pulled her pacifier out and screamed WOW, WOW, WOW, over and over again. we love to see our baby so excited. for about 10 min we watched as the kite went up and down up and down but never really went anywhere. i was getting ready to throw the kite into the air and a BIG gust of wind came and pulled it up in the air. we were all so excited. the girls and i were laughing and screaming and jumping around when the wind got stronger...i noticed that it looked like the baby was getting blown away so i ran to her to pick her little body up. tatum was still chasing the kite that jeff was struggling to keep control over. i was laughing SO HARD because it was COMPLETELY out of control, about to wrap it's self around power lines and poles, pulling jeff all over. it began to rain and then the hail came. i was trying to help jeff with the kite when i noticed that tatum was being blown across the street and having a hard time staying on her feet. i have to admit that the wind was a bit scary. i was cracking up watching jeff run back to the house. he was getting pelted by the hail. i kinda got nauseous from the laughing and screaming and life saving that was going on.
we were able to finally get the kite but i promise it doesn't look the same as it did when we first took it out. as we were getting to the front door 3 different neighbors came outside to make sure that we didn't get carried away. i loved how tanya asked, "what are you doing stacy?" like, you guys are CRAZY! hahahaha!
i am exhausted! it was so much fun! i can't remember the last time we laughed that hard together. i just wish tristan and jenna could have been here with us. SO FUN!!!!
i just read this back and it just doesn't sound as fun here as it really was. i wish you could have all been there to see it. my heart is still pounding just thinking about it. or is it because i'm out of shape and i still haven't caught my breath? :)


Shalene said...

I so miss you blogging. Even with no pictures you had me laughing. That was the one thing that I could always count on your blog for...a good laugh to brighten the day!

renhallows said...

it's a st. patricks miracle..I too miss your blogging. I was hoping you would update soon.
glad your still in AZ and not kansas with toto.

christine said...

Oh yeah, it's as funny! I am cracking up picturing the whole thing! So glad you had that fun together today! makes my heart happy! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

I think it sounds like exactly the kind of moment I would remember forever. I am happy it happened for you. Sounds fun.

Shelly Hanson said...

That sounds so fun! I want some of that. I really do.