Tuesday, April 06, 2010

look at it before you throw it in the trash

when i clean my house i NEVER just throw papers away! i ALWAYS pick them up and have a look because i never know what treasures i'll find.
just look at this one! when i read it i laughed out loud all by myself...i couldn't help it!

if you can't read it this is what it says.
U nork
i was laughing so hard at U nork...U nork!!!!!! hahaha! in case you didn't get what that was it was New York!
if i had thrown that away i would have missed out on a good laugh and my daughter would think that that is how you say it/spell it. now all i have to do is remember to fix her when she gets home from school today. :)


amber joyful said...

hahahaha. i love that! i love jenna too. she is a super rad special girl for sure!!

Merri said...

love it! I want to go to U nork, sounds like a fun place!

Kate said...

that is so cute! I love stuff like that :)

christine said...

"U nork" is exactly what Brenna used to call it! HAHAHAHAHAHA! That's an awesome find Stace!

Jody said...

we're lucky our kids have a good teacher who can translate "3rd Grade-ish". very cute!

Jill * Zane said...

as frank sinatra said, i want to be a part of it, u nork, u nork! hahaha, i love that she thinks/thought that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for my second, actually, my third good laugh for the day. I really needed it!

Moth Hair

Sarah said...

I clearly need to check blogs more often. Thank you Jenna and Stacy for the little chuckle!!