Friday, June 18, 2010

WAY too early morning thoughts

i haven't been able to sleep for DAYS! i am so frustrated i don't know what to do with myself. it's 4 am and i have been awake for over an hour. usually when i'm awake it's because i can't turn my brain off and i'm thinking about things that are upsetting. well this time i'm awake for other reasons and my brain is thinking about my sweet kids...who they are and who they're becoming. there are things that i want to remember, things that i put on facebook. at this point facebook doesn't have a way of printing out my status' so about a month or 2 ago i went back quite a bit (they don't make that easy either) and copy and pasted all of the things that i said about my kids or my husband or just the things that i always want to remember. i'm not sad that i put those things on facebook, (even though it has been work to retrieve that stuff)even if i was blogging regularly i don't think that i would log into my blogger account every time the kids said or did something funny and i'm garbage at writing that stuff down.

here are some things that facebook doesn't know:

tristan is turning 11 tomorrow!!!! i can't believe that it's been 11 years since my sweet boy made me a mommy. he is so great! i haven't always felt exactly that way. he is a lot like me and it's never an easy thing to have two of the same people living under one roof. he is so funny and has us laughing all the time. he is maturing in ways that i love and appreciate. i love that we can talk about things freely and comfortably. he is so talented! his dad bought an electric guitar and an amp for his fathers day/birthday and he is teaching him to play. he picks up on music SO FAST! tristan has really taken an interest in ventriloquism. he's getting a 30 in. puppet for his birthday and he knows it, he is so excited...he's good you guys, REALLY good! i know that in just a few short years this boy will become a teenager and not be the cutest but for now i like who he is and that he still lets me love him.

jenna has always been a bit reserved but has really come out of her shell in the last year or so. she is so funny a witty, i love a quick witt. the other day we were in the pool and out of nowhere she said "nice leg warmers mom" now i admit, i hadn't shaved my legs in a month so it was pretty nasty but she came up with it so fast and i couldn't stop laughing. she has LONG, THICK, BEAUTIFUL hair that her 9 year old abilities can't take care of so she is ready to chop it off and donate it. anyone would be lucky to have her hair. i will post pictures when we cut it so you can see what i mean. she is such a great artist, she really produces some beautiful work. she is an AMAZING big sister to addie, i call her the sissy mommy because she just loves on her and takes such good care of her when she is in her care. i love her sweet disposition...really i just love her.

tatum loves to sing and dance, she's good at both! she has a knack for sitting down at the piano and teaching herself how to play a song that she loves...this girl has been doing this since she was 4! it is still always a fun surprise when she does it. sometimes i forget how talented she can be. she is a MAJOR daddy's girl which causes quite a commotion around here in a hundred thousand ways and i don't see that changing any time soon. tatum is also super funny, i guess all of my kids are really. while we were at outback for dinner last night addie put some of their bread in her mouth (it's dark brown) and then put her pacifier in on top of it and the bread was hanging out of her mouth. to that tatum announces, "addie's pooping out of her mouth!" jeff got a picture on his phone and if i remember i will post it here. only one of my kids would even consider saying something like that. her brain is for sure a special one. i love her spunk but not her sass. she has everyone around here afraid of her. her and tristan were having a bit of an encounter and tristan took off up the stairs. she yelled up at him, "yeah, you better run!" i wanted to punish her but jeff and i just laid in our bed and laughed. SO funny!

addie is such a special girl. her favorite things are cheese and ice, she LOVES to drink water and if i could type out the sound that she makes when she is thirsty i would because it is to die for cute. there aren't many thing that aren't cute about that girl. she is so squish and i can't get enough of her goodness. i want her to stay small for a little longer. she keeps growing out of things and i just want to stand still in time for little while with her RIGHT NOW! she is so fun! she says so many words and is SO SMART! i always think my kids are smart but this one is learning so quickly that it absolutely blows my mind. i love the way she smells when she wakes up! if i could bottle that scent i would. she loves me and i know it, i'm pretty sure she knows how crazy i am about her. i just can't get enough! i LOVE my little miss addie!
as much as being awake at this time is AWFUL reflecting on these things and putting them to words was AWESOME!


Vickza said...

You seem to have an amzing family. Its nice to hear your stories and its nice to learn about you and your kids. You all seem wonderful : )
You sound like a wonderful mother and i hope to be like you one day and have kids of mine own. I want at least one of each. You sound proud of your kids and by the sound of them, you should be. I like your blog about the hailing storm too by the way. I can imagine your daughter kind of getting blown away and you running up and sweeping her off her feet and i can imagine the kite near the power lines. Your a good writer too.
Sorry i dont know why i wrote that much, i jsut wanted to let you know : )
Good luck in the future, i dont think you need it but i said it anyway.

amber joyful said...

whew. a recent post. we can be friends again. you have to help me start a blog. i dont want anyone but me to see it though. like a journal. the kind i can post before and after naked pictures on. ewe. sorry you had to see those words in print. i love the bendeeetendees.

Nash said...

thanks for your comments. so sweet.
i went to Dr. Huish this time and loved him.
FB is so much easier than blogging i totally agree.
i have heard there is an easier way to upload pics but i cannot remember how to do it.
do you guys take pics still? i want some good ones of my kids??? without spending a fortune. maybe you know someone.

Leisa Tapia said...

Wait Stacy... your comment to me must have been jumbled up... so sorry! I think the paragraphs were in the wrong order, so I didn't get what was going on and my comment back to you was way off! :(
I'm sorry hun! That's exactly what my girlfriend here had... she had three miracle babies, with the last two on bedrest only after a few months cause everything was wanting to fall out :( It's so sad.
And I'm so sorry for your trial. Its sucks.
But dang the kids you have are GORGEOUS!! and you are an awesome mom :) Hope everything goes well recovery, etc. Love, Leis (this time super confused-embarassed-foot-in-my-mouth-Leisa :)