Sunday, July 31, 2011

journey to #5 part 1

it was christmas time just after i turned 26 when i realized that something was wrong with my body. i was on my feet all day on a saturday doing my holiday baking, something that i get so excited to do (and now my kids get excited with me). on sunday...the one before chirstmas, i woke up and felt a little strange (saving some details that not everyone would love to know) i had a solo in sacrament meeting, i also was singing in a trio and with the choir. i felt like i could do it so i got ready and was off to church with my husband and 2 babies. after my solo i realized i might not be ok, i started to get lightheaded so i decided that i would sing the trio and the choir didn't really need me anyway so i would just leave. my mom was there so i asked her to take me to the ER. after being check out out they gave a tentative diagnosis and ordered me to go see my OB.
within the next week i picked an new ob and when he checked me he confirmed the diagnosis...i had a uterine prolapse. he counceled me to have a hysterectomy????? i was completely confused and so sad. while i was there his wife and FOUR kids came to see him. i got sick to my stomach when i thought of my 2 children and the siblings that they would miss out on if i followed his advice. i was physicaly uncomfortable but aren't we all a little in one way or another as mothers? i didn't think i was the best mom but i knew that there were more children who chose me and were waiting to be a part of this crazy family for a tough journey and they knew it and they were ready. I WENT ON THE HUNT FOR A NEW OB!!!!


Crissybug said...

Wow Stacy! I didn't realize that all of your lady problems started when you only had 2 kids! I can't wait to hear/read more. It must be an incredible journey to add 3 more after a diagnosis like that! I am so glad you went on a hunt for a new OB!

Mama Mayhem said...

Ahh the blessings. I'm sure glad you had faith and love to get you to the family you knew was waiting for you.

Enjoy Birth said...

I love that you found a new OB! I love that you were willing to suffer a bit (probably ended up being a lot) to have the family you were meant to have!!! I am totally going to link to your blog posts once the whole story is told. So hurry and tell the rest!