Wednesday, April 05, 2006

to immunize or not to immunize

that is the question. i have always been on the fence about immunizations but always have done them because "that's what were supposed to do".

jenna got pertussis at three months old after being immunized for that. PERTUSSIS...who gets that anymore. it just doesn't happen yet she got it despite being immunized.

tristan went in for his kindergarten shots and i agonized over weather i should or shouldn't immunize cause i was just plain scared out of my mind. the nurse hit his syatic nerve and he couldn't walk for three days and in the mean time the Dr. said he could have permanent damage and never walk AGAIN. ask me about the horrible guilt i felt.

to immunize or not to immunize.......

i took jenna in on monday for her shots and things have not been good since. check out this arm. no one knows what it is but after 5 trips to the Dr. in three days, two diff. antibiotics and a shot (yes another shot, we loved that) of an antibiotic here we are. it just keeps spreading. the Dr. circles it so that we can see how far out it goes. if it get to her shoulder or to far past her elbow then it's off to the hospital we go for fear that it spreads to her joints. that's just what we need, i'm a major stress case as it is. my neighbor said today that she comes from pioneer stock and she truly does. nothing bothers her, she's just so easy going so when she complains i know it must be REALLY bad.

honestly i have no idea if i will be catching tatum up on her shots i may just choose to be finished with immunizing all together. i know that there are passionate people out there on both sides of this subject and i am stuck smack dab in the middle. i understand both side...but really do they work? i don't know. my experiences tell me that there are no guarantees and i don't know if i'm willing to use my children for this experiment anymore. i'm just so worried and up until now i have held them while this was done to them. huge guilt.


Anonymous said...

dude dont feel GUILTY silly. you did what you think is best, and it probably is. getting a puffy red itchy sore arm is better then getting polio, eh? even autism is better than polio IMO.

remember how i said nate got red? his arm looked EXACTLY like this. i gave him major benadryl and put him to bed and it was gone the next morning. he broke out in serious hives and started wheezing and i swear his arm looked just like that. it was scary. i forgot until i saw the picture of jenna. try benadryl asap!

Anonymous said...

Ditto Tara's first paragraph.

I'm so sad for Jenna, and for poor thing big HUGGS. I've never seen anything like this so I really have no advice-just keeping her in our prayers that this will subside.

Love you.

Shelly Hanson said...

OMGoodness Lady! You're right, that is bad news!My poor baby girl. I'm so sorry for you two. Mommy guilt sucks so knock it off. Do what Tara says. At the least, it will knock her out for the night. I love you hon.

Big kiss to Jen and Yes...I'll be there in the morning first thing to help you clean. ;0)(wish I could afford it.

Shelly Hanson said...

oops, I said sucks...Mom's gonna read this huh???

man, I'm busted :0(

christine said...

you know how i feel. i wanted to call you today but i haven't been home but for a short time. i am home now and it is too late to call.
love ya, we will say a prayer for jenna.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, big hugs. I hope it gets better. The Benedryl is a good idea. I am iffy on the whole immunization thing too. I like to space them out. So far the older boys have gotten all of them... a bit slowly, but they get them.
Feel no guilt, it is not your fault. I have Jenna in my prayers and hope it gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

Well Stacy, I see what you mean! No wonder you are worried. But it sounds like, by what you said it looks like today, it may be starting to clear up. And yes Shelly you are "busted"!!!


Shelly Hanson said...


Anonymous said...

I have huge issues with this too. Brax ran fever over 102 for a ek after a shot. I opted out of some and had to get special note from Doc for preschools. Landen is way behind-I freak about creating a problem for my kids like autism. We o what we can I geuss and make the best judgement we can!