Saturday, September 02, 2006

a new day

wednesday was the first day back to school. I WAS SOOOOO EXCITED! this summer has been longer than i could have ever imagined. we had nothing planned. i now know how HORRIBLE this is......mothers, plan things for your children or the saying "having children is like being pecked to death by chickens" WILL come true. i almost died and so did they.

this is tristans teacher mrs. koelber. she seems to be very nice but from what i've heard she is by no means sweet or "fun" which i'm kinda sad about for tristan cause i feel like in second grade they still need to have fun. the thing i'm excited about is that she will get him caught up to the other kids as far as reading, spelling and math are concerned. i hear she's incredible at getting the kids motivated to do great. he struggles in the same areas that i did in school and i feel so sorry for him, it can be absolutely miserable being at the bottom of your class. i really think she will be able to empower him to be better.
this is jennas teacher ms. spillette. she was also tristans kindergarten teacher. WE LOVE HER! she is so much fun and dose things different than any other teacher i have ever seen. she is really amazing. jenna is very lucky to have her and she is lucky to have jenna. :)
this is jennas friend ashley. they were in preschool together last year. they got the same backpack and jenna loved that. their friend cammy is also in their class and she has that backpack too. little girls just love that matching thing. what are the chances.
tatum had no idea that by leaving t and j at school she would be bored beyond belief. she did great the first day and let's just say that i'm not interested in talking about day # 2.

i'm really looking forward to a great start to a year of many changes. the kids will be getting a new set of teachers when we move so stay tuned for all the changes for the benintendi family.

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Shelly Hanson said...

I felt like I was actually there! I could smell the first day of school air in Cali. I missed morgan sfirst day this year. I'm so mad about that! I'm not missing it again; at least until junior high and she doesn't need me anymore.:(