Tuesday, October 24, 2006

the traveling clock

this is my clock. i've been looking for just the right HUGE clock.......and i've found it! there have been so many clocks that i have seen and thought i loved for around $100.00 and then i found this. it was $249.00 and on clearance for 187.00. i got it at 75% off at.............$67.00. isn't that awesome? i can't wait to hang it in my house.

here's my clock in the back yard. :)

here it is on the front porch in front of the blue door. :)

and here it is just before tatum dropped it on it's face. :)

hahahahaha! ok so it's not a "travleing" clock but it is a clock that had it's picture taken in a few places. whatever! i just love my new clock.

*EDITED* erin reminded me that i forgot to put the info where i got it from. i got it from west coas furniture on imperial near euclid. they are pretty expensive but they are having a GREAT sale this weekend including 75% off all accessories e.i. lamps, frames, clocks etc.


Anonymous said...

the clock is fantastic, i hope it reminds you all of the hours in the day that you should be serving your husband!

From: I don't know who but Jeff could probably crap in his pants!

Erin said...

I LOVE the new clock!

Sorry it got dropped-does it still work? Dang girl, what a super deal...where did you find it? Not that I want one to copy you but I'm always asking where people get thier sweet deals Ü

christine said...

that is fabulous. glad you have a clock. hope it works. mine no work so much.

boy i wonder if jeff really crapped his pants. a dream come true for him. lol

Anonymous said...

I am so confused about the carpping, glad you found an awesome thing for your new place. Tatum can be the new Vanna. :)

Anonymous said...

I mean crapping. LOL!

stacy said...

to long to explain shar. remind me when i see you. :)

Anonymous said...

Great Deal!!! how much was it?

Shelly Hanson said...

I want to know the pants crapping story!!!

When you get your B day gift send it back... you won't need it now that you have a clock from another store, you impatient little nymp!

Hugs and Kisses,

Anonymous said...

i personally like carpping. ;)
RAD CLOCK stacy. i cant wait to see your house all "you'd" up.