Tuesday, October 31, 2006

another benintendi

and there's one on it's way...........NO i'm not pregnant, it's my sister in law, she's having a baby girl who's due in january.

meet ayden. he is one of a kind and we don't get to see him often enough, well i say that but i think that tatum sees him plenty. you see they have a very unique relationship. he loves her AND abuses her and she loves him anyway. hahahahaha! it kinda reminds me of the relationship that tristan and brenna used to have. ( brenna is tristans friend from birth who moved away and now we get to live by her again in arizona. it doesn't get any better than that. ahh i got sidetracked ) i hope the other benintendis move near us (in AZ) so that we can change that relationship to just love over time.

we love you ayden, you are such a special boy.


Shelly Hanson said...

so really what you're saying is that there's no such thing as an UGLY Benintendi?!

Anonymous said...

lol...I just wish that we were moving to AZ!!

The kids are so cute-and that love hate relationship will blossom oveer time Ü