Wednesday, November 15, 2006


i have them, you have them, we all have them and and i couldn't be happier that my daughter has them too. we're moving on saturday and we had one last play day all together. it's sad that we have to leave certain things behind and this is one of those things. jenna however is so easy. she knows that she will make new friends and is very practical about the whole thing........i wish i had a little of that. here they are.

next time you here from me i will be comein at ya from arizona. wish me luck.......i'm gonna need it.


christine said...

oh you're gonna be just fine. love the picture. very sweet friends. is that the plunge park?

Anonymous said...

I say you're gonna be MISSED....and fine too Ü

The girlfriend picture is darling. As I was examining it-I see a shorter version of Shar, tall T, Sheridan, You in the center, blondie Christine, short (skinny) my, and carol at the end.
Too funny..i must have too much time on my hands today, ya think?

Anyways, have a safe trip to AZ...can't wait for your new life editions on the ole' blogger.

love you stacy!


Anonymous said...

Ha! You're so funny Erin! So sweet to have so many little girlfriends... I could get a pic like that with Chloe and all of her friends, but Natalie's would be all boys, and like 1 girl. LOL!
I'm not saying goodbye...just see you later...