Tuesday, May 29, 2007

jenna, graduation and signs of summer

this is jenna right before her MRI. for those of you who don't know, jenna has been having headaches for the last two years. we took her to the dr. for them a year and a half ago and they said they were probably coming on courtesy of the huge amount of string cheese she had been eating. we had never heard that mozzarella cheese could cause headaches but actually a lot of cheeses do. we stopped giving string cheese to her and she stopped having headaches for a while. they came back a few months later and since we've moved to arizona they have gotten worse and more frequent so we started the process of finding out why she's is getting them. we have done blood work and an MRI and we are happy to report that there is nothing serious wrong with her. she has been classified as having migraines and at this point we are supposed to keep a food journal so that we can see what triggers the migraines. i know, it seems so unfair that this little girl has suffered this long and probably will for the rest of her life but we were looking at a much worse case scenario before these tests so we're grateful for migraines. :)

in happier news, jenna has "graduated" from kindergarten. mrs. Nightingale was the sweetest teacher and jenna really enjoyed being in her class. the fact that she was almost as tall as her was fun for her too. :)

here she is w/ her diploma and the school mascot baldy. jenna's teacher wants to put her into a first/second grade combo class next year. (she says she is one of her BRIGHTEST students) if she does well with a second grade curriculum the the following year she will go straight to third grade. so she will actually skip ahead a year.

here are some of the most beautiful children in the world, contrary to the hideous faces on a couple of them. i am so happy to be in arizona with brenna and jacob. we love them so much and we are so glad that our kids get to grow up with them.

my little tater tot loves to jump on the trampoline. i love this picture cause it totally shows how much fun she's really having.

i love this picture! my cousin nichole took this picture of her after she got out of the pool. i love those eyes

have a great week! :)


Sarah said...

I am so glad to hear that everything is "okay" with Jenna. What a relief! Tatum's eyes are amazing in that photo, such a clear pretty blue!

Shelly Hanson said...

Yeah Jenna! on every level. Migraines suck but the other option is terrifying! What a great Graduation picture with the diploma. She get's prettier all the time.

The swimming pics are adorable.

Kristin said...

Okay so your kids are BEAUTIFUL! I am so glad Jenna is okay. Migraines you can handle I am just so glad that is all it is! I think we need to coordinate our schedules more often. We end up at the same stores so often we could save money carpooling...

Enjoy Birth said...

Glad Jenna is ok. Migraines... I have actually had some friends who have had success with acupuncture helping with those. One friend had them daily for 2 years and after acupuncture, they were gone. I don't know if that would work for kids.
Awesome on the school news too!

Anonymous said...

Great news...although migraines kinda stink. She's such a trooper. Congrats on kindy graduation-the combo class will be great in preperation, they always say girls are slightly smarter than boys...lol
Love the pictures of the kids, especially little miss Tatum, she is such a cutie.
Glad you are enjoying Arizona, but I miss you.

A. Kuhni said...

I am so happy to hear that Jenna is alright. What a relief. My husband is going in for an MRI cause he gets headaches. Didn't realize they were bothering him so much until he told me he went to see a doc. I think things will be alright. I think he is just under alot of stress and so he gets them.

I want Tatum's eyes! They are incredible. Could you ask her if I can have them?