Wednesday, June 06, 2007

family is a good thing

when i was a little girl my mom had to go to work. my cousin karen took care of me and my little brother ben while she was gone during the day. at the time she only had two kids, brian and meghan. meghan is the only girl on the left there and brian is the handsome guy on the right. as you can see the family has grown since then. karen and her husband kirk have four kids and they have three beautiful grandchildren courtesy of meghan and her husband mark.

one of the things we love most about being photographers is that we get to take pictures of our own family. it really is fun to capture them in a way that we don't always get to see them.

jeff and i like to do the shoots together. it's fun for us to be together and quite honestly when there are two people involved one sees a great photo where the other might not have. we try to get ALL of the special moments.

this was just a joke but it ended up turning out really cute. the kids were in the picture but because of Jeff's amazing photo shop skills you would have never known they were there.

we tried! it was so bright outside that day and it shows in their faces.

this is a picture that i got as we were walking back to the house. see what i mean? jeff wasn't there to see the potential in this shot. two sets of eyes are very good.
this is markie. he is sitting on the freeway overpass next to the railroad tracks. not the safest place for a kid but isn't he cute.

a cop actually came while we were there and we got in big trouble. apparently it's not a good idea to do a photo shoot on the train tracks. we won't be doing that again. :)

i love this story board that jeff made of chase. chase is kind of like tatum, SUPER grumpy! so i had to work to get these picture of him. so worth it.
these were just some of my favorites.


Kristin said...

you guys take great pics. It's fun to see what you do!

A. Kuhni said...

I love the pictures you took on the tracks! I want a picture of my family on them.

Sorry about last week. I totally spaced Friday. I saw a number I did not recognize and I didn't answer it. When my husband mentioned to me that night that you had called his phone, it hit me that it must have been you who had called. I still want to take you up on the offer cause Katelyn would love to play with your kids and she needs to get out of the house.

Hope you had fun at the movies today. We missed because I got absolutely no sleep last night. I lie, I think I got about a total of 3 hours. I just didn't have the patience or energy to take Katelyn to the movies. Hope you had fun!

I will talk to you later!

Anonymous said...

I've seen so many pictures on the tracks man! I totally thought that was you in the picture. LOL! I can't post seprately on your posts at the moment, but so glad to hear Jenna is ok.
These pics are so lovely! Love the tracks one! Is is so beutiful, how rad that you captured that for their family!

Shelly Hanson said...

oh... I didn't comment on this one! sorry, had a little thing called high school grad going on. Love the pics Brian looks alot like Kirk used to look with hair. I want to know where the kids were before you took them out. I think maybe one of them was by Megans leg. I'm I right?

Enjoy Birth said...

what great pictures!!! Funny you got in trouble.