Saturday, September 01, 2007

gelato freeze

let me start by saying sorry that the pics are horrible but my battery was dying.

some friends of our just opened a gelato shop. you guys it's amazing! every flavor that i sampled was great! the decor is awesome! the wives did the decorating, the colors are so fun. :)
the pictures on the wall were taken by my fabulous husband and the frames were built by wallwoody. the logo (that is on the owners shirt below) was designed by our friend adam. alot of amazing talent.

here's a view of the whole wall. look in the left hand corner of the picture...that is a play room for the kids. more on that in a min.
ordering as easy as ABCD. :) that is one of the owners wives (i think we should say that she is one of the owners too if you're a wife you know what i mean.
see how good this stuff looks? my favorite is chocolate hazelnut...mmmmmmmm yummm! but like i said they are all great!
here is the play room. man they were really thinking when they put this thing in. the kids are safe and totally out of the way. did i say that out loud? :) they have so much fun in here.
what's everyone looking at?
they even have a TV in there. and the wall to the left is a giant chalk board. so much fun!
this is how tatum was greeting the visitors near the end of the night. very limber hahaha!
this is their lounge area...two chairs and a couch. very inviting and cozy.
i can't be held responsible for the kid on the left he belongs to his father when he does stuff like that. :) congratulations you guys the place is great!
if you're in or near gilbert AZ it's off the 202 between san tan and williamsfield on market st.
please stop by and support them. it's a great place for families.
i see it being a big FHE night spot.


Anonymous said...

those are awesome pics stace. i told amy i totally want a t-shirt for advertising. the kids are hilarious and i couldn't believe tatum doing the splits. is that first kid picture jack? we must have missed john and lara. that was a fun night.

Anonymous said...

Nice work Jeff & Adam! What a fun place for kid friendly places ;)

kara jayne said...

It was so awesome to see your comment on my blog! I love to meet new bloggers. I am so excited to try this new place out. I hope you found my current blog from the one you left the comment on! I was actually about to delete the old one....I'm so glad I didn't....yet! Anyway, the pictures on your site are amazing. I need tips BAD!! I'm not suprised you love Josh Eyre. I wish he was my daughters 2nd grade teacher!

Enjoy Birth said...

Looks and sounds yummy and awesome. Tara should link it to her blog! :) WE can go the next AZ scrap weekend!

Wendi said...

Just linked to you from your comment on Julie's blog. And I see a comment from Kara, who is my friend. What a small world. Anyway this place looks so good. I'm sad I don't live in AZ, but if I ever do... Your pictures of your daughter are so cute!

Anonymous said...

that is so rad-christine-tell adam the logo is DIVINE. seriously one of my favorite logos ive ever seen. love it. okay anyway this place looks COOL! i want them to decorate my house!