Sunday, September 02, 2007


i just loved the way she looked today!
here are some of my faves.


Erin said...



She is the most beautiful little thing...LOVE these pictures!! I just want to wrap my arms around her and squeeze!

Anonymous said...

her eyes are killing me! and that white blonde hair. she is yummy mushy! i see why you couldn't resist. love, christine

Anonymous said...


Don't do these posts anymore, they are making me homesick. Tatum is the cutest thing ever (of course next to you). Love ya.



shawni said...

Stacy, thanks for saying hi and seriously, what a small world it is that you have a child in my brother's class! I'm a little biased of course but I think he is amazing. Your photography is fun to do it with your husband. Did one of you get the other into it or did you both do it when you met? That little Tatum sure is cute.

Shelly said...

BeautifulBeautifulBeautif can't have anymore're taking all the pretty ones!


Shelly said...

that's weird...that's not the way I wrote that last comment...hmmm. strange.

But I still mean it. STOP IT!

Sheridan said...

Wow, she is a beauty! Bryson is loving her! He says, "EYES!"

Ashley said...

She is so adorable. I could lick her she is so sweet! I really need to get going on expanding my knowledge of photography so I can take such great pictures. The only thing is that I need the moola to purchase the fancy equipment that you've got! I think I will just rob you in the middle of the night and get it all for free!

Sarah said...

She is so adorable. I really just want to pinch her cheeks. Her eyes are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so would everyone stop trying to either canabalize my daughter by chewing on her cheeks or things like this? I suddenly leave Arizona and everyone thinks my daughter is in the Donner Party and has like fallen behind or started limping. Geeze people!

I totally miss my "Sup Really" and can't wait to see everyone again.