Friday, September 28, 2007

mother of the year part II

for the first mother of the year post go here. you'll soon see why i should have never been aloudto reproduce in the first place. wish i could say these are the worst things that have ever
happened to my kids in my care.
tonight i was busy checking out tristan's teachers blog and being completely amazed by one of his posts, when i realized that i hadn't seen tatum in a while. the last place that i left her was downstairs. now, on a normal day that wouldn't be that big of a deal but we had some chemicalspill in our garage tonight and the house is slowly filling with the smell. NOT GOOD! my throat feels like it's closing up...but forget about me were talking about my baby here.
i sent tristan to go down and check on her and he came back to tell me she wasn't there. WHAT? i jumped up and started running through the house looking for her and of course the last place i looked was here room. this is what i saw when i walked into her room i was hoping that the pile was her.

i pulled back the covers and there she was, sleeping beauty with crusty boogers all over her face. i feel horrible! my tiny girl put herself to bed cause i was too busy on the computer. i didn't get to hug her and kiss her and sniff her (i know, not everyone shares my love of sniffing a child)

i didn't get to pray with her.

the worst part is that she has been super, super sick with high fever and cough and stuffy nose and hasn't been sleeping at night. i knew she was exhausted but i didn't want to fight to get her to bed. i guess she took care of that on her own.

i love you baby tatum and i am so sorry that i made you put yourself to bed. what kind of mother does that?


A. Kuhni said...

Poor little thing looks like she is has had it! I really hope she gets over this soon. Even w/ a booger smeared face she is adorable.

Brenna said...

you are so not a bad mother silly. she needed to sleep and you needed her to sleep. adam shares your love of sniffing. i am sure he will sniff their beds while we are gone in cali. i hope she starts feeling better soon. have fun at your breakfast this morning. love ya

Anonymous said...

Aunt Stacy,
Tatum looks so cute in thoes pictures. I hope that my cousin is OK.


Anonymous said...

aww...poor little thing. hope she feels better soon. said...

Hey Stacy,

If she feels better by Thursday could tend Ava for me in the morning? At about 9am? I totally trust you and your mothering skills!!! :)

(that may sound like a joke but I'm serious....I actually got an appointment with Mandi!) Let me know! Thanks love!


Brenna said...

amie, if stacy can't do it, i will. i would even come with you to mandy's house. she might need help with phoebe too. or maybe not because sam is there. let me know. :)

Anonymous said...

hey-it happens to the best of us. and i should know, since im one of the best. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Christine, notice that she trusts "Stacy's" mothering skills.

Amie, i would really be carefull around Christine. She's so skinny now, I don't think even Ava will be able to see her.

Christine, you know I love ya.


Brenna said...

yeah jeff, i haven't qualified for mother of the year! lol
thanks for the compliment, and yes i know ya love me.

Josh said...

In my defense, I have to say that it's Paul's fault, not mine!

Shelly Hanson said...

Ohhhhhh, Sweet baby. I want to smell her too! Sleepy baby smell is one of my favorites! Even Morgan at 11 smells sooooo good when she's sleeping...and that's hard to say because that girl is getting some intensly bad B.O. these days!