Tuesday, October 02, 2007

rock around the clock

there was a 50's dance at my kids school on sept. 14. we had so much fun! my mom was in town to visit while jeff was out of the country and the kids were so excited about that.
here are some pics. from the night.
just a note; i won't have blurry picture anymore because i just got new lens and it is AMAZING! my pictures are so crisp now. :)
doing the swing with tates.
fun times with grandma!
limbo, limbo, limbo
the bunny hop
my mom and tatum.
watching all of the action.
i wanted to make-out with him but i thought that might be a little inappropriate for a few reasons. hahaha!
i love tristan's face in this picture. he didn't even want to go to the dance and i think that he might have had the most fun.
here is mr. eyre!.!.!.! yes, i'm enthusiastic and so are they. these kids just LOVE him and they spent most of the dance with him. he's like a rock star to these kid. :) (i know you're reading this, don't be embarrassed) i can't tell you how good it feels to send my kids to a school where they love their teachers and i know their teachers love them just as much back. it really is an amazing blessing.
this was fun to see since at home they ARE NOT this happy together.
she is an awesome hula hooper
it was a super, fun night! i love their school for having such fun family parties.


Shelly Hanson said...

yeah! I'm finally the first one to comment! I am a good sister.

I wish our schools did fun things like that. That looks so dang cute. Did you help with it Stac? I love the pics of the kids dancing and the one with Mom dancing with T. I think that's one of her fave things to do.

Love you!

N Godown said...

Is this a Public Elementary School? I don't think the school by our house would do something like that! Totally cute! It's great to see your kids lovin' each others company!

Brenna said...

cute pics stace. i haven't seen these pics yet so that was fun. it was such a fun night. the pic of your cousin is really sweet too.

Sarah said...

What a fun time. I love all the pictures. You can just tell that everyone truly had a good time

Kenyon said...

What great pictures you take! How fun, and extra fun to have your mom there. We were in Gelato today(love the peanut butter cup) and was admiring all the pictures in there:) You guys are awesome!

Josh said...

I'm not embarrassed! I would never in my wildest dreams compare myself to a rock star, but I sure do love those kids! They mean the world to me.

I also love these family dances. Can't wait for the next one!

The pictures are awesome. Reminds me that I have some I still need to send you.

Anonymous said...

wow that does look like a fun party-
what lens did you get?