Wednesday, December 26, 2007

christmas morning

i'm leaving for california in the morning and i knew that if i didn't put this up here now it would never happen...go check out halloween, see how well that turned out.
this is christmas morning!
i always have to get a picture of them before the see the gifts. goofballs!
tristan has been asking for a guitar since he got guitar hero for his birthday. santa's the best man!
tatum got a little bi-lingual computer so next time you see her ask her to speak to you in spanglish.
and then i made them all stand together before they ripped the whole place to shreds.
i didn't get a picture of jenna with her scooter but she was so excited! at the last minute she wrote a letter to santa asking him to bring her a pink scooter.

each of the kids asked for an outfit for their bears. they have been bugging me for them since the mall opened in october. feeeewwwww that's one less thing they can bug me about.
much smaller than other messes from christmases past but it took till tonight to get it under control.
here's my brother. this is the only way i can get a straight face out of him.
and if he's not asleep this is his other pose. we may have to have that thing surgically removed from his hand. :)
it was nice to have my daddy and my brother with us for christmas. i hope everyone had a a great christmas.


Anonymous said...

Fun pics Stacy! So glad you guys had a nice Christmas with your fam! Have a wonderful time in Cali! Love ya!


Anonymous said...

like the pink. ;)
looks like a great time.
my house is finally clean too. took allday yesterday. but actually when i say my house i only meanthe downstairs. sorry, new keyboard, many typos, not used to it yeet.

Kenyon said...

Looks like fun. Your house is so cute:)