Wednesday, January 16, 2008

anonymous helping friends are the very best

i love friends, especially helping friends . but in case you haven't heard this before i should clear this WAYYYYYYY up.
if you spoke to me in person you would probably think i was a collage graduate or something cause i'm pretty brilliant. hahahahaha! :) the english language is the reason high school didn't turn out so hot for me. i failed miserably which means, if you come here to read my humble blog you will find; poor punctuation, hideous spelling and an occasional post on things that belong in or near a toilet. words such as too, two and to are totally gonna be wrong. also, minute and minuet inevitably will be wrong and apparently threw and through will NEVER be right cause i don't know witch is witch. this thing only has a spell check NOT a grammar check so if it's in the english language it doesn't tell me that it's wrong as long as it's spelled correctly.
so to say the least i am terribly sorry to those of you who pride yourselves on great spelling and grammar, i honestly wish i had that gift and am grateful for the help when i need it. i know how annoying it must be cause when i hear someone sing who clearly shouldn't be it makes me cringe. :)


Brenna said...

for the record that WASN'T me. I don't correct or mock your spelling anymore. (only in my head LOL) love you

Anonymous said...

christine!!!!!! hahahaha
i dont correct or mock you in any way shape or form. :)
just for the record :)

stacy said...

whut eye thinq is so funey is that she rely tryes 2 make shure she is speling korectlie. She is making prokres butt eye gess their is stel wurk 2 bee dun.


Kenyon said...

O.K this made me laugh because I used to get hate mail on my blog about spelling...not " a nice helping friend", someone mean asking me " who taught me how to spell" LOL. Obviously noone did because I dont do it to well :)

5littlenordstroms said...

Okay I am lol because your anonymous friend can't spell either. Lets try Threw or Through.