Thursday, January 17, 2008

turning japanese i think i'm turning japanese i really think so

now, before i offend anyone i just need to preface this with an explanation. i grew up in a predominately asian community and really truly have a love for these people. one of the things that stand out in the asian community especially with the elderly is their very distinct style...
and it looks something like this.
i was putting her shoes on this morning and said to jeff, "she totally looks like an old asian woman!"
tatum said, "i'm getting ready to go somewhere!" and i said, "where are you going?"
she said, "the chinese noodle store!" hahahaha!
how does she know that asian and chinese are one in the same? and please don't tell me that chinese and japanese aren't the same because i am very aware of that i just wanted a cute title for this post. haha!


Brenna said...

cracking up at your political correctness! LOL so what are you trying to say? :)

Sarah said...

That is so funny and even more true. Thanks for being so PC.

Anonymous said...

omg i am totally laughing my ass off.

Shelly Hanson said...

all you have to do is dye her hair black and give her a big bag, straw hat, and flip flops!

Hey...Halloweeen idea! You don't have to thank me, i'm just here to help. :)