Thursday, January 17, 2008

hey, look what i did

i know it's not much and it's not my favorite but i changed my blog. i was informed by sarah that the old blogger was the reason why people would loose all of their stuff from time to time. so, now i see how EASY it really is to change backgrounds. when i find one i really love you'll know cause i'll stop changing it.
wendy, thank you for offering to help and sorry i never got back to you but i would LOVE to know where you get your backgrounds cause the one you have now is totally ME. :)


Brenna said...

I like the swirlies. thinking about you today. love you.

Anonymous said...

this is a cute one.
i get so bored of my blog but i cant really change it much. :)

Shelly Hanson said... me figure it out...I give in.

Unknown said... did you do this? I need to investigate!

Sarah said...

I am so proud of you. You are just growing up and changing right before my eyes. Good job Stacy!!!

Nash said...

YES! I definitely remember you. I think your dad even took us to the mall once. Our pictures were done by my friend Linz on my blog. She lives in England but was here for the holidays.
We live almost to AJ, crazy that you live so close.
I saw you post on Beth's blog and knew who you were right away.
I miss Hacienda Hghts. My husband grew up and served his mission in Asia, so we love all the restaurants around there. Now I'm hungry.
Great to see your family. I'll keep checking now.

Bowlby Family Organazation said...

hey, i like the pictures down the side of your blog.

Anonymous said...

nice job stacy! it's sooo cute.

Shawni said...

It looks great, Stacy. You are so computer saavy! I can't do a thing without Josh. What's the deal with what you said about blogger losing info?