Sunday, January 20, 2008

it's ugly!!!!!

that's right, I HATE IT! i've never liked the way it looks but i've always loved the content. even at it's ugliest mine was never this ugly.
i hate my sister's blog and i'm gonna make it better...for both of us. :)
i love you shelly!!


Brenna said...

tell us how you really feel stace! LOL

Shelly Hanson said...

ooohhhhhh, Love and closely related. i want to call you a naughty name...You better make it look like ME. Not black and pink. I HATE black and pink! :0)

love you!

Shelly Hanson said...

by the way just to give you some ideas...
I like"
not that I don't like all you other friends paper choices, i'm just pointing out my taste, my style, my...IDENTITY.
vintage stuff in colors like apple green or ocean colors...hmmmm. kinda like THE COLORS I ALREADY HAVE!


you're so mean to me :(
I also think i wan to add music so i can be cool like your friends. at almost 40 i've gotta find some way to be cool.

Don't judge me


Sarah said...

I see you have no problem expressing the way you feel. Geesh it is not that bad!!!! Sorry your sister is so mean Shelly. I will give her a bum kick for you. :)