Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i should have gone on that dang hike!!!!!!

i just should have! i didn't go on tristan's hike with him today because tatum was up coughing half the night and i woke up at 4 am with a sore throat and an ear ache in my left ear. i wasn't feeling great AT ALL but really?!?!?!?! i honestly think that my day would have been way more manageable if i had gone.
my first plan was to veg out on the couch and watch tv WHATEVER I WANT. (even if it is soap operas JEFF) i was watching last nights american idol and jeff came to join me...not a big deal. then the cat that i forgot we had came and joined us too. for those who know me and are thinking, WHAT CAT?...i know ME TOO. it was tatum! after about 20 min. of the show had passed i started to feel my blood boil and i couldn't figure out why until my three year old got right in my face with a huge, MEEEEEEEOOOWWWWW!!!!! she had been crawling all over the place meowing and in my efforts to ignore her i became increasingly agitated. i can't tell you the peace that came to me FORTY MIN. LATER as our tiny kitty made her way up the stairs and out of sight.
ten min. later i hear a very loud and scary crash up stairs!!!!! i ran upstairs as fast as i could and heard jeff doing the same and found a very quiet kitty sitting on her bed.
this is what the girls room looks like today. tatum was taking her roll as a cat very seriously and climbed up the dresser and broke it to pieces. i now have the door closed cause after all of my HARD labor 2 days ago it makes me ill to see things this way.
what makes it the worst for me is that i have to figure out a way to fix this before the room will have any REAL order again. blehhh!
the wood is broken you guys!!!! i don't know how i'm going to fix it. (insert whining voice here)
and at lunch today:
ME: hey, do you like this chicken?
JEFF: yea, i do!
ME: oh yea?
and so that our daughter wouldn't hear i spelled out:
ME: i d-o-n-t l-i-k-e i-t
and then tatum proceeds to take a bite.
ME: mmmmm that's yummy huh honey?
JEFF: mmmmm yea, do you want to see mommy take a bite?
TATUM: yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
why did i marry him? he is a total tormentor!
AAAAAAANNNNND, i wasn't going to share this but this morning before i sent the kids off to school jeff took a picture of me...ON THE TOILET!!!! and now every time i log off the computer i am exposed to it because it is now the screen saver on our THIRTY-TWO inch monitor (that is huge) can someone out there help me because i don't know how to get it off of there and he won't help me! see what i mean? TORTURE!!!!!
i realize that there may have been a little too much info here but my point is:
if i had just gone on the hike in the first place and left tatum with sarah i may have actually had more rest that way then what i was exposed to here.
oh the joys of life at the benintendis. :)


Brenna said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU TOLD ABOUT THE TOILET PICTURE! I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I AM HAPPY THE PICTURE IS NOT ON YOUR BLOG THOUGH! YES I AM YELLING!!! And for the record you missed a really great hike. Don't mean to rub it in, but it was really fun. We missed you!

Shelly Hanson said...

Christine, how is it possible that after all these years you still can't believe that Stacy would share that information with the world???? Have you met? Christine, I'd like yo to meet my sister stacy, Stacy, this is your very proper friend Christine.

That's better, Group Hug!!!

big kisses,


Shelly Hanson said...

oh and just so you know could be worse...she could be your SISTER! Just think of what she must share with ME!


it's a good thing I have a strong stomach...

Sarah said...

You know how I feel about this post from our earlier phone conversation. Everything about is is WOW

Brenna said...

shelly, she told me that she saves the REALLY special stuff for you. I don't even know what to think of that, because she tells me a LOT! HAHAHA! LOL love you both!

kara jayne said...

seriously hilarious post!! I feel for you on the potty picture thing. My hubby has taken pics of me getting out of the shower and promised to delete them...not! I have to find them later and delete. What is wrong with them? Do they really think they are getting any after that? Okay, my turn for TMI!!! Good luck with that!

Oh, by the way...32 inch monitor...holy frijoles?!! I thought our 24 incher was ginormous!! HOpe you enjoy all my typos!

Jody said...

HA! I'm so sorry for the toilet pic....but(snicker) you made me laugh today and I so needed it! You crack me up, Stacy. Oh, and that sucks about the dresser. I could see my kids doing the exact same thing......

N Godown said...

I love your blogging! Your stories...and I guess your "LIFE" are very amusing....thanks to Jeff & Tatum. I hope you saved some of those spiderman & swords for my kids!!!! They love Tristan's toys!

Kenyon said...

What a day!! I am laughing because you are so funny. That really does stink that your "cat" ruined the dresser!

P.S- All my kids sheets are clean, thanks for the inspiration:)

Julie said...

You are hilarious! I read a bunch of your posts tonight and just had to laugh. I'm glad someone out there is as lucky as me. Thanks for your comment. It's nice to know I'm not alone!

Julie said...

PS... you look so familiar. We must have gone to the same church dances. Seriously! Where did you grow up? Do you know Ryan Peart?

Julie said...

I don't know why I just threw that out there. I think it's because you remind me of his darling wife. And then I thought, well, she said she grew up in CA...maybe in that area...?

That is bizarre. He was my best friend in college. I loved that guy! His wife is my friends sister, so I hear about them every once in a great while. I think he is in AZ now.

Anyway, you just look so familiar, and I know I have seen you in real life! Not just from your internet photo. I'm going to figure this out!

Gardner Family said...

So Stacy, are you the George Costanza type and take of all your clothes to potty? :) Your Blog is hilarious and I do stop by often even if I don't leave a comment.