Wednesday, January 30, 2008

i've been thinking a lot lately...

...about years past.
i love blogs! i have found so many people from my teens and early twenty's just in the last few weeks and months and it has been so much fun to catch up and see what everyone has been up to and see everyones growing families.
this post won't interest everyone, i know but there are some pretty scary pictures of me that might interest you. :)
my friends and i decided to go to the beach the day before our senior year and i got fried to a crisp. although you can't tell in this picture i had two giant blisters on my cheeks, blisters down the part in the middle of my head...well lets just say that i was COVERED in blisters. sun poisoning was the diagnosis.
this is a photo booth shot that i loved because i loved my hair curly. that was all natural and since giving birth my hair has taken on many special forms.
i NEED this body back. i was not blessed with the genes that a lot of women in arizona were blessed with. after child birth i don't go back to a size one. i do however get bigger and bigger (lucky me). i was a personal trainer at ballys and that is how i got to look that good...and i was 21!!!!
me and my sissy that i love so much. this was the summer after my freshman year in HS.
i just love the clothes and hair in this picture. this was our YW group.
this was the radio station that EVERYONE listened to...unless of course they didn't. hahaah! fun in a photo booth!
i think this was before a halloween dance? i hope so, other wise faith would have felt really out of place. :) what you can't see is that me, beth (2nd on left) and adrienne (3rd on left) have on MC HAMMER pants that beth made...i think you made them or your mom or something. we wore them to school once. good times!
i just found beth's blog a few weeks ago. so fun! she's having her SIXth baby. holy moly!
congratulations to you again love. this is janet she was my best friends sister and when we moved out here and our wards split, there she was. it had been YEARS since i had seen her. i was so excited. we share the same birthday. :)
this was a fun group. we always had the best time together.
this guy on the left is ryan. i just found out that me a julie (a fellow blogger) have him in common. small world. and on the right is noah who's SIS's i found through blogging. so fun to see their families. on the left w/ ryan is mindy, my favorite person in high school (Janet's sister) we were the girls with a million inside jokes.
there was something about me in this picture that ryan said looked like gwen stefani (on the left). didn't see it then and don't see it now but it's funny that i still remember that.
me and ryan and mindy were best friends. we had the best time together. we would get in trouble by my mom because we would lay in my (twin sizes) bed in the dark and laugh our heads off. we got kicked out every time. NO, there was never any funny business we just loved to be together and crack up.
here's jake (noah's brother) not the greatest pic of either of us but for some reason none of my pictures of the lowry boys are very good.
here is a bunch of us at "my pool". we lived in a town house so it really wasn't mine. :)
some of you might recognize these people.

this is shane. he was in my ward growing up and his dad was our bishop for many years. shane drove me to school and seminary (when i would show up at the corner). i found his family blog threw beth's blog. he was always such a funny guy.these are pictures of him on his mission in florida. :)
and now i would like to leave you with one of my senior pictures. THIS is one of the reasons that i do photography. look at my hand. DOES THAT LOOK NATURAL TO YOU? i still remember thinking, why are you making me do this. and he said "this looks so great, very natural". do you EVER hold your hand like that on purpose?
have a great day!


5littlenordstroms said...

Those are some really fun pictures from the old days. All that reminiscing is fun. I haven't pulled out old pictures in a long time but this post makes me want to. I'll have to see what I come up with. Too Much Fun!

Julie said...

Oh! So fun to see baby ryan pictures! I need to tell you about the first time I met Ryan. He would start crying right about now. Very funny.

Brenna said...

I am sure Sharla would say the same, but the senior pic reminds me of Napoleon, when she is taking Uncle Rico's pics and says "That was one". Sharla always quotes that and I picture your photographer saying that. HAHA! I also love that you put KROQ was the station to listen to unless of course you didn't. LOL Did you go to the KROQ dances with Richard Blade? So many memories. Wish I would have known you then. Glad you shared.

Anonymous said...

So, I could do without seeing my wife wearing "halter tops" and burkenstocks in public! Next thing you know, she is going to show up at the Valentine's dance in a trench coat and creepers!

Good grief, what an impotence inducer~


Shane and Becky said...

Stacy, What a great post. Shane will love to see himself in print. It has been fun for Shane to catch up with everyone through their family blogs and it is fun for me to see all the people that I have heard so many stories about. Just Fun Stuff.-Becky Leavitt

Sarah said...

Fun pictures. I don't know anyone other than you. But they do look like fun people to hang out with.

Adam - Janet - Owen - Caroline said...

Thanks for posting a decent picture of have no idea how much I truly appreciate that (yes, I'm serious). I remember the trouble you and Mindy use to cause! I'll have to forward the link to her and have her ponder over those pics. That is when she gets back from her freakin' cruise!

Amber said...

Those are funny. I love seeing the Lowry boys. Which one did you have a crush on? J/K. I could hardly recognize Noah! I just got a scanner and am going to put up some oldies too. See ya!

Kenyon said...

So fun to look back on great times in the past. I love these pictures, and it looks like you had great friends. Jeff's comments make me laugh out loud, you guys are SO funny!

Shane said...

Wow, I forgot about those pics. As for the picture of you being poorly posed, I think it looks quite natural....If you were picking a Zit or something off of your arm? HAHA. Love all the pictures though. Oh, I saw Cody in one of the shots. Do you know anything of him these days? Tell Mindy and Janet Hi. SAL

Anonymous said...

ohmy gosh so fun to see these.

Jill said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe you have pictures of us from back then. It is so imbarrising to see how I looked back then. Your little brother was so little then.

Shawni said...

I love the flashback pictures!

Unknown said...

I thought I already commented on us, but you are hot lady!

Shelly Hanson said...

Your Wife is Hot in a halter top Jeff! I say good for her wearing it in public while she's got the bod to do it!

Stacy i wouldn't dwell to much on the past. it'd just make me depressed now that i'm half dead!

Love you!